Thursday, July 28, 2016

5 Must-have Baby Products from DNA Miracles

With parents wanting the best for their little miracles, DNA Miracles®, a specialty line of high-quality natural body care and wellness products designed for kids of all ages, has a variety of products that parents can trust to provide a safe and clean environment to raise their kids in. Made with the best natural ingredients, each product is gentle and easy to use. While also providing the best for their body care.

Your little miracle needs a clean and safe environment to grow up healthy and strong. Make cleaning a breeze with DNA Miracles Home Solutions Bundle with reusable bottles, and let the products do all the hard work for you. To keep your home squeaky-clean, each bundle includes packs for a Nursery + Playroom Cleaner, Fruit + Veggie Wash, Spot + Stain Remover and Bottle + Dish Soap. Cleaning agents derived from plant substances and compounds leave no harsh residue or fumes. Non-toxic, biodegradable, and Phosphate free. 

DNA Miracles Natural Diaper Cream is a natural, nontoxic cream, specially formulated to moisturize, soothe and protect your baby's most sensitive areas. This cream helps seal out wetness and insulate against irritation to keep your baby’s skin soft and smooth-looking, while supporting normal skin barrier functions to help keep the skin hydrated.

DNA Miracles Natural Hydrating Baby Lotion is a natural, non-toxic body lotion, specially formulated to moisturize your baby's face and body, and help soothe minor skin irritations. Moisturizes with a combination of emollients and herbal extracts for skin that looks and feels smoother and softer, while supporting normal skin barrier functions to help keep the skin hydrated. Gentle on baby's sensitive skin and suitable for newborn use, this lotion helps moisturize and soothe your baby's skin. 

DNA Miracles Natural Foaming Wash & Shampoo is a natural, gentle, non-toxic body cleanser and shampoo specially formulated for your baby’s delicate skin and hair. Gently cleanses, moisturizes and conditions the skin and hair with surfactants derived from coconut oil. Suitable for newborn use. 

DNA Miracles Natural Soothing Ointment is a nontoxic formula strong enough to soothe and yet gentle enough for the softest skin. Using natural ingredients like willow herb and coconut oil, this ointment protects your child’s sensitive skin while locking in much-needed moisture. DNA Miracles Natural Soothing Ointment helps keep your baby’s skin healthy and hydrated while providing soothing comfort. 

My Thoughts

No one wants to clean during the summer, but it has to be done. And if you're going to do it, why not do it with products that are better for your family and the environment. DNA Miracles offers cleaning products that are different than other cleaning supplies. Not only do they work wonders, they are fun to use. You only need to get the starter bottles once, and then refill them with their condensed packets. Simply empty one of the packets and add water. Once our cleaning products were ready to go, cleaning the whole house was a breeze.

 I was lucky enough to be able to try out several of the products in the DNA Miracles line.  The Nursery and Playroom Cleaner was amazing. It's like an all-purpose cleaner, but it's safe to use around even small children. It worked great on counter tops, the stove top, and even the microwave in addition to cleaning up the kids' rooms. The spot and stain remover removes tough stains from clothes with just a few squirts. No more worry about formula stains. The dish soap leaves dishes sparkling every time.   Finally, the fruit and veggie wash removes all those chemicals before you serve your family. When we were done cleaning, the whole house looked sparkling and new. 

With five people in my house, we go through a lot of cleaning products. I have always hated creating so much waste, but DNA Miracles products are different. They offer a wonderful way to stay green, but still allow you to use products that live up to their promises of a true clean. Plus, they are affordable for the average household. The refill packets not only help to reduce the cost of cleaning supplies, they also reduce the amount of waste you're creating, making DNA Miracles the all around best choice for all your cleaning needs.