Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wildkin Sleeping Bag Review

Wildkin offers backpacks, lunchboxes, sleeping bags, bedding and more for all ages! They give children the wide array of fun designs that are useful, fun and safe. Their products are high quality and non-toxic, which is definitely something all parents can appreciate.

Kids like accessories and parents like to be able to afford accessories. Wildkin has great prices for their wide array of products. From toddlers to older kids there is something for everyone! Mix and match to get all your favorite products, make going back to school easier, naptime easier, decorating easier and more with Wildkin!

Mix and match or coordinate your child's room with Wildkin! Don't forget to accessorize the bedroom with the clocks, lamps and rugs offered too!

Pencil Case

 Wall Clock

Our Thoughts

This is so cute! I have a few toddler chairs and bed areas but my son has never really taken to them like I thought he would. He is obsessed, however, with trucks and construction. I knew if I got the right one he would love it. I was walking inside from the mail man, tearing open the box and I wasn’t even inside the front door before my son saw the trucks on this and pointed, saying, “Vroom vroom! Vroom vroom!”

It’s thick material and has a built in pillow with the blanket attached to the side. This makes nap time so much easier as I don’t have to drag out  a “favorite” pillow or “favorite” blanket anymore. The blanket portion covers his tiny body perfectly and he stays warm.

The coloring and stitching on this is good quality. The colors are vibrant and the stitching is holding up to the wear and tear my toddler puts this thing through!

The best part is that as soon as he’s done, it rolls right up and tucks into a corner or closet nicely! One less “baby” blanket that’s being dragged around the floor and left all over the place.

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Reviewed by Jackie