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Voice of Play - PLAYFul Trends 2016 @Voice_of_Play #PlayfulTrends

We all know that it's important to get up and get outside, but in today's world where technology is so out of control, it's easy to get sucked into a virtual vortex and let a beautiful day slip by. Voice of Play encourages kids and adults alike to get up off that sofa, walk away from that computer chair, and get play. They've come up with a list of eight "PLAYful Trends" that all families should put into practice. They will not only keep you more physically fit, but also encourage quality time with your children. My family already practiced most of these trends, but we're making it a point to do try to them all at least one day a week.  Check out the trends and see which ones you can check on your list.

1) An Hour a Day

Voice of Play recommends you spend an hour a day playing with your children.  Any type of play keeps your brain's juices flowing. Kids learn by play, whether they are developing their balance skills on the monkey bars or  playing a board game where they practice their reading or number skills. One of our favorite activities is pretend play, which can helps kids learn about careers or regular daily tasks they will have to perform someday. 

2) Made to Move

Our bodies were designed to stay in motion. That means, we should get up and move every day. Personally, I try to go out and walk with my dog on our local nature trail every day,  no matter what the weather. The only time we stay in is if there is a hurricane warning. Walking is fun, relaxing, and a great way to stay in shape. As an added bonus, walking in the woods is said to help bring down your blood pressure!

3) Beyond Childhood

Kids aren't the only people who need time to play! Play is fun for adults as well! Find what you love to do and do it! It could be extreme sports or something as relaxing as a drum circle of Chakra meditation. Get your children involved, too, if you can! My teen daughter and I always go to drum circles together! 

4) It's Better Outside

Fresh air is good for you! Take a little time to go outside with your family. Play at the park or walk on the beach.  If you exercise, take your routine to the next level by doing it somewhere where you are embraced by mother earth.

5) Back to Nature

Nature is a part of us. It's deep in our souls. Embrace the magic of nature and  learn to live in harmony with it. Spend some time outside each day. Explore the nature trails in your neighborhood. If you leave in a city, take a ride to the woods once in a while.  You can even do something as simple as gazing up at the stars on a clear night. Embrace nature, because you are a part of it!

6) All Inclusive

People of all ages and abilities deserve the chance to play. Today, more and more locations are making sure their play spaces are universally designed. This could include things like wheelchair accessibility or swings designed for special needs children. No one should ever feel left out!

7) Take Chances

Don't stick with the things you're comfortable with, and don't be afraid to let your kids explore (within reason).  Let them try the monkey bars alone, take off those training wheels, and take the path less traveled. This is how you grow and learn through play!

8) Mind Expanding

While we don't want our kids hooked up to video games all the time, leaning games are definitely okay! Skip the violence and look for games that are educational.  Leapfrog and ABC Mouse are two of my favorites.

Looking at these trends gives us just a few tips on how we can make our summer and our whole lives more fulfilling, just by playing!  Make a promise to your family to put an hour aside each day where you concentrate on play! The Voice of Play wants us as parents to make  this promise official by signing a Play Pledge. Check it out and add your name to the list!  For more great ideas on how to engage your family with play, be sure to visit Voice of Play on their website.

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