Monday, June 20, 2016

Soulistic Life May Subscription Box

Soulistic Life (formally Sapphire Soul) is one of my favorite subscription boxes. They do so much more than toss a bunch  of random items into a box each month. They put together a real spiritual experience. Each month, you are taken are a journey inward where you can find peace and grow spiritually. 

The theme for May was, "Go Smudge Yourself." Everything in the box was geared towards cleansing your personal space and relieving stress. It came just in time since my kids are all home from school now! Here is a little about each of the items I received.

Hem Anti-stress Incense - This is one of my favorite blends. The aroma is just so relaxing. I always burn this incense when I'm feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. 

Dumortierite - I have a lot of stones, but this one was new to me. It's a lovely shade of blue. This stone helps you stand up for yourself and restores patience. It comes in a lovely blue organza bag with a card explaining it's properties. 

Smudge Fan- The smudge fan comes from the Native American tradition. It's made with real turkey feathers, sticks, and twine with a few citrine stones for decoration. This one also has some lavender weaved into the back. You use this fan to help keep your sage burning and smoking during a cleansing. It also works with incense.

At Soulistic Life, there are several subscription offers to choose from, so you're sure to find one that fits into your budget. The Mindful + Mystic Quarterly Box is $181, and the Mystic Monthly Box/Bundle is only $49 each month. Be sure to check out June's Box where you'll have the option to customize your crystals.  If that isn't exiting enough, you can also choose from a variety of soulful gifts on their website.  Here are a few of my favorites

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Enter the code DREAMCHAKRA for your free gift with your first monthly subscription! The May bundle is called "Go Smudge Yourself with Soul" and sound like it will be lots of fun! To see all Soulistic Life  has to offer, to be sure visit their website or follow them via social media. 

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