Sunday, June 5, 2016

Apparel n Bags Hooded Pullover Review

ApparelnBags is your one-stop-shop for all clothing items and accessories! They carry over 100 brands and over 300,000 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). That's a lot of clothing choices. The styles they offer are vast so there is something for everyone. From intimates to outerwear, infants to teens, athletic to bags, they have it. New Balance, Fruit of the Loom and Adidas Golf and are just a few of the name brands they carry!

With it just entering summer, there are still quite a few chilly mornings so a new hooded sweatshirt is just the thing to get you through till that summer heat sets in!

Rainbow Stripe

Our Thoughts

I love this hoodie! I can honestly say that I have worn this every day since I’ve received it. It has been christened by coffee multiple times already. Every season I cling to one favorite piece of clothing and wear it till its death. It is this hoodie’s season!

I got a medium  and it fit perfectly at first. As you wear it, it will have a tendency to stretch out on you a bit but that’s normal for a lot of clothes. After I wash the hoodie it goes right back to how it felt when I first received it.

The stitching is cool on it, although I’ve had a few comments of people telling me that it’s inside out, when it’s not, it’s just the way it’s made. The pocket is huge in front, but I find that to be a good thing because whatever I put in there will shift to the middle into a dip and not fall out very easily.

My favorite thing about this hoodie, by far, are the colors. Anything rainbow or chakra colored I love as it helps keep me in line spiritually. I see the colors out of the corner of my eye and it makes me pause for a second and think of that chakra, do a quick affirmation and then I move on with my thought process. It’s a fun and easy way to keep up on a positive mindset!

The material is also very soft and warm. It doesn’t allow a lot of air flow, which I like because I do not like feeling drafts come in through the neck line or wrist area. Hands down, my favorite hoodie!

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Reviewed by Jackie