Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sun Care Melanoma Awareness Week #thinkbaby #thinksport #melanomaawareness

Most folks don’t realize that daily use of sunscreen decreases skin aging by 24%. And while that is compelling, the stats around skin cancer are shocking. Skin cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer. In fact it outnumbers all other cancers combined. The good news is that it is also the most preventable. Avoiding sun exposure during peak hours of 10am to 4pm and wearing protective clothing are great ways to reduce risk. Use a sunscreen rated “1” by the Environmental Working Group.

If prevention is important to you, you should stock up on your sunscreen now. In honor of  Sun Care Melanoma Awareness Week , you can receive a $4 discount on purchase of 2 tubes of 3 oz Thinkbaby and Thinksport sunscreen!  Simply enter the code NewAgeMama16 at checkout!