Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fair Trade, Eco-Social Products for Earth Day: Vegan Spreads from MELT Organic

With summer coming up, how about a story highlighting companies with a strong commitment to the environment? MELT Organic, for example, offers vegan buttery spreads & sticks that are made with eco-social and fair trade ingredients and are certified USDA organic and non-GMO.

Furthermore, MELT Organic’s square packaging reduces greenhouse emissions when compared to traditional round tubs because it requires less space to store and transport.

Our Thoughts

I got a chance to try out some MELT spread. It's an organic alternative for your breakfast and cooking needs. It's a coconut-oil based spread that tastes a lot like butter. It's rich and contains a lot of good fats and other ingredients that your body needs.

The spread went on my bagels and bread easily, and tasted nice. It really went well with my Hawaiian bread in particular. They are suitable for vegan diets, and have small, convenient packaging that fits easily in your fridge. I am definitely going to use this spread again.