Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Elementary Box - The Teacher's Subscription Box -#Coupon Code

Whether you teach a whole classroom or home school your own children, the Elementary Box is a fun tool to help you succeed. Each month, they send a selection of fun products beneficial to both the teachers and the students. There are books, stickers, and even a little something each month to help spoil that special teacher.

This month's selection has lots of fun surprises! Here is a little breakdown of what came in the May box.

The Gigantic Turnip is published by Barefoot Books and details for $10. It comes with an audio CD too! This book is perfect for the spring when things are starting to grow.

There were two different packs of School Pop Stickers included. One has a definite summer theme with things like a smiling sun and ice-cream cone. The second pack has fun expressions like "You're a star!" or "You Rock".  Both are perfect to reward good test scores or completed homework.

These bubble notes are a great way to leave an encouraging message for kids or send a note home to parents.

This pack contains thirty bookmarks! It's a great incentive to encourage kids to read.

These word wheels are so cute! They remind me of PacMan. They are a wonderful tool that allows teachers to help children remember many of their sight words.

Last not not least, help your favorite teacher relax with this fizzy bath bomb specially formulated to soothe sore muscles.

Even if you're not a teacher yourself, a subscription to Elementary Box would be a great gift. Teachers spend a lot of money out of their own pockets for things like stickers and prizes they give out to their students. Sending them one of these subscriptions would be a great way to give back. My daughter is taking our box in with her tomorrow to give to her kindergarten teacher! To order a box for yourself or your favorite teacher, be sure to visit the Elementary Box website. To keep up with new events and promotions, connect with them on social media.

Coupon Code

For a limited time, you can Pay Only $27/Month for the life of your Self-Subscription or get a 1 Month Gift Subscription using Coupon Code ThankATeacher. Valid on Month-to-Month Plans, not valid for already reduced Prepay Plans or discounted multi-month gifts. Or use code ELEMBOX01 for free shipping on orders of $25 or more thru 12/31/16. 

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