Monday, May 30, 2016

DVD Review : The Last Panthers

Coinciding with its recent universally acclaimed broadcast on SundanceTV, The Last Panthers makes its DVD and Blu-ray debut on May 31, 2016 from Acorn, an RLJ Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: RLJE) brand. When several diamonds are stolen from a jewelry store in Marseilles, the heist bears the hallmarks of the supposedly retired Pink Panther gang. After a child is accidentally killed in their getaway, the thieves resort to desperate measures to fence the jewels. This sparks a series of events that set a British insurance-loss adjuster, a French-Algerian cop, and a Serbian soldier-turned-diamond thief on a dramatic and dangerous collision course. Inspired by the real life Pink Panthers gang, the series was filmed in seven countries and shot in five languages. The fantastic international cast includes Oscar® nominees Samantha Morton (Jane Eyre, Minority Report) and John Hurt (Harry Potter films, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), along with Tahar Rahim (Day of the Falcon) and Goran Bogdan (Number 55). Created by Jack Thorne (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the highly anticipated new play) and directed by Johan Renck (Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Vikings), the series features the theme song “Blackstar” written and performed by the late David Bowie especially for the series. This DVD and Blu-ray 2-disc set features four episodes plus bonus behind-the-scenes featurettes and a photo gallery ($39.99 each,

A daring diamond heist in the south of France bears the hallmarks of the supposedly retired “Pink Panthers,” a gang famed for their bold daylight raids and movie-style getaways. It seems like the perfect crime—until a young girl is killed in their escape. This sets a British insurance-loss adjuster (Oscar® nominee Samantha Morton), a former MI-6 officer (Oscar® nominee John Hurt), a French-Algerian cop (Tahar Rahim), and a Serbian soldier-turned-thief (Goran Bogdan) on a dangerous collision course across Europe. What starts with diamonds leads to guns, drugs, high finance, and corruption at the heights of power.

BONUS Behind-the-scenes featurettes (25 min.) and a photo gallery

Street Date: May 31, 2016                            SRP: $39.99 each
DVD 2-Disc Set: 4 episodes – Approx. 307 mins – SDH Subtitles - UPC: 054961248797
Blu-ray 2-Disc Set: 4 episodes – Approx. 307 mins – SDH Subtitles - UPC: 054961248896
Contains violence, strong language, nudity, and sexual situations

My Thoughts

The Last Panthers is an excellent mini-series inspired by the real life Pink Panthers, a well-known group of jewelry thieves.  The Panthers are supposed to be retired, but a daring heist leads authorities and an insurance adjuster to believe they may have come out of retirement.  You'll find lots of excitement and action in this six part series.

Episode 1 - A big diamond heist leads to a major fencing ring that spans many countries. The Pink Panthers are suspects

Episode 2 - Noami is recovering from a close call in Serbia before heading to Belgium. Milan takes part in a big gun bust, and lots of diamonds are still changing hands.

Episode 3 - Khalil learns his brother is involved in a smuggling ring, and Milan makes some choices that could lead to trouble.

Episode 4 - Milan tries to get back in time to save her brother, and Khalil and his brother make a deal. Naomi is in hot pursuit of the diamonds.

Episode 5 - Naomi & Milan face their past in the midst of a tentative ceasefire in Bosnia.

Episode 6 - Naomi & Milan join forces and  Khalil and Mokhta get into some major trouble. 

This was a very exciting series, and unlike any other jewel heist movies I've seen. I love how you get to follow the cop, the insurance adjuster, and the ex-soldier turned thief and they search for the truth. The actors all did a great time, and the settings were all beautiful. I would definitely recommend this mini-series to anyone looking for intrigue. There is also some great bonus footage.