Sunday, April 10, 2016

Purr Packs - The Subscription Box for Cats

There are dozens of subscription boxes out there for humans, we can't forget our four legged friends. They deserve a little love too, and there's no better way to show it than with a fun subscription box from Purr-Packs. If you have a cat that rules your roost, you can receive a box full of surprises sent right to your door every month that includes everything from treats to toys.

 My three kitties, Onyx, Buddy and Dinah, was super excited when our  Purr Pack arrived. We get lots of fun dog toys in the mail, but we don't often get a chance to test things out for cats. The box arrived beautifully packaged and filled with lots of goodies. There was something for each of my babies to play with and a few snacks they were able to share. For the cat mom (or dad), this box also offers a cute little magnetic dry ease board with a cat on it.

First off, we received two different types of treats. The first are Greenies. These fun treats taste great and will brighten you kitty's smile. The second bag of treats were called Purebites and are made from freeze-dried shrimp. They have a strong aroma when you open the bag which send the cats running.

Next we looked at the toys. The Cosmic Catnip Carrot one was claimed by our little black kitten Dinah. She loved the green feathers on the carrot and I'm sure the catnip had her excited too. It was almost as big as she was, but that didn't stop her from tackling it.  The Petstages Frog & Fly was an adorable little frog toy. The arms make it perfect for carrying around.

Buddy just loved the Chirping Feather Ball. He was a stray that we brought in as a kitten and he still has a little of that wild cat in him. He loved the sound of the birds and the feathers.

Onyx is the king of our castle. He's the oldest cat and the alpha male here.  He really loved the adorable Tabby Snuggle Mouse, but the scrather was his favorite item. It comes with a bag of catnip that you can sprinkle on it. When he's not scratching it, he's lounging on it. Plus, it keeps him from scratching up my furniture. 

These are definitely a trio of spoiled kitties.Purr-Packs is a treat for pets and owners alike, and there are lots of different options to choose from. Shipping costs are definitely reasonable. They have teaser packs, Fun & Love Packs, and multiple cat packs.  All things considered, you're definitely getting your money's worth no matter which option you choose. Plus, it's a great opportunity to test out a variety of different products and see what your pet enjoys the most.  If you'd like to learn more about Purr-Packs and all they have to offer, be sure to visit their website or check them out on face book