Friday, April 8, 2016

Mother Day Gift Guide: Gio Naturals Oil

I'm always looking for something natural and organic to use on my skin, so it's great to find products out there that offer me that option. This one can be used on hair, nails, and face. They do, however, warn that if you're using it on your face, you should avoid contact with eyes. 

I've tried similar oil on my face and hands before, and this was along those lines. It feels really oily at first, but the sensation diminishes with a little time, and it does help make skin softer. You only need to use a few drops, which I like, as it makes the bottle last longer. Besides the dropper, a little spray nozzle is included as well, giving people an option as to what they'd prefer to use

One of my favorite uses (and the thing that impressed me most) was in the hair. A little bit in the hair about a half-hour before washing it does the trick. I am really pleased with how my hair looks after using it. It looks a lot neater when I pull the sides back or put it in a ponytail. Plus, I noticed that it looks a bit fuller after using it.

I am definitely a fan, and this is one of a few products I have tried I'll be replenishing once the bottle's done.