Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It's My Party Duos from Paul Mitchell

Introducing the new It's My Party duo's from Paul Mitchell:

Larger Than Life
*Sculpting Foam
*Extra-body finish spray
*Geometric Hair pin

Down to Party
*Super Skinny Serum
*Hot off the press
*Geometric Hair Pin

High Drama
*Hot off the press
*Super skinny serum
*Geometric Hair Pin

Up All Night
*Extra-body daily boost
*Extra-body finishing spray
*Geometric Hair Pin

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My Thoughts

I got the opportunity to try the Down to Party duo which included the Super Skinny Serum and Hot off the Press spray. I loved the Super Skinny Serum. I like to let my hair air dry most of the time, so adding this to my damp hair helped it dry with less frizz. It didn't add any oil to my hair or weigh it down. Instead, it made my hair more manageable with a bit of shine. It also had a light fragrance to it of green apple. I usually wash my hair every other day. The next day my hair didn't seem dirty of oily from having this product in it. Instead, it helped keep my hair frizz free and smooth.

I also got to try the It's My Party Express Style Wand. I think this has become my favorite tool to style my hair. It's a heated round brush and what I love about it, is I can let my hair air dry and later heat this up and just run it through my hair to give it a little style. I can do more with this then just curl the ends under. I could put in chunky waves also. My hair is short, just above my shoulders and I had no problem getting it to style. My daughter has longer hair, and this worked great for her in the mornings to get rid of bed head before school. 

It heats up very quick and you can change the temperature too, based on the type of hair you have. Just note, not to leave in the same spot of your hair for a long period because it can burn the hair. If I didn't feel like having much style but needed more volume. You can rest this under your roots and hold no more than 9 seconds then brush through. Since it is a brush on the end, you'll want clean your hair out after use to avoid the smell of burning hair as it sits on the barrel.

The cord is very long, so you aren't stuck right at the counter. You can move around which is great if you're doing someone else's hair with this. It heats up in roughly a minute and it cooled down quickly as well. The cord is also thick so it won't get damaged easily. Here are my before curling photos and after.

After I styled my hair, I finished it off with the Hot Off The Press spray. This helped keep my style all day and didn't leave it sticky or stiff. I was able to run my hands through it after it dried and my style stayed without a problem. Using the hair wand and Hot Off The Press spray, even after sleeping, my style stuck and the next morning I didn't have much to do to get my style back. This one also had a light fragrance to it.

I loved all three of these products from Paul Mitchell.