Saturday, April 30, 2016

Book Review: Mother Earth News Almanac

Mother Earth News Almanac: A Guide Through the Seasons returns! The 1970s classic has been out of print for years. Now, updated for today's readers and back in print, its information is as useful as ever. It contains instructions and illustrations for everything from harnessing solar energy to cultivating a sustainable garden to learning how to keep bees. Simply put, Mother Earth News Almanac is designed to empower readers to be self-sufficient.

The Mother Earth News team has updated the essentials, but left the core of the guide intact, with all the charm of the original … from the writing style to the signature line drawings. This is a must-have for any fan of Mother Earth News, and a budget-friendly guide for a new generation of homesteaders. 

The almanac is a seasonal guide with subject matter that every passionate DIYer, homesteader or environmentally aware reader can appreciate. You'll find recipes, money-saving tips, and homesteading techniques such as illustrated directions for tying a timber hitch, cat's-paw, sheepshank, and other knots; folk medicine treatments and preventatives; tips on raising chickens and keeping bees; plans for building three kinds of kites; complete instructions for fast and easy compost; and much, much more!

The simple life doesn't have to be hard, not when you have this timeless almanac.

About Mother Earth News
The most popular and longest-running sustainable-lifestyle magazine, MOTHER EARTH NEWS provides wide-ranging, expert editorial coverage of organic foods, country living, green transportation, renewable energy, natural health and green building. Lively, insightful and on the cutting edge, MOTHER EARTH NEWS is the definitive read for the growing number of Americans who choose wisely and live well. 

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Mother Earth News Almanac: A Guide Through the Seasons may be purchased both on their website and on Amazon

Our Thoughts
We've been on our way to a more economical, healthier lifestyle for the last several years and have now finally purchased an acreage way out in the country for a future build site.

The Mother Earth News Almanac: A Guide Through the Seasons is exactly what I want to be reading as we prepare our new place. This book isn't just about gardening, homesteading, livestock, etc - it's also full of good useful household tips on just about everything, from DIY repairs and projects, to recipes, and hints on where to find the things you need.  I like the humorous writing style it has, too. 

Many of the tips & tricks mentioned are ones I grew up with - like using wood ashes on an icy driveway - boy, as kids we hated it when Dad spread ashes on the driveway - it wasn't slippery enough to sled down anymore (but it sure made driving up it easier!).  There's even a bit in there about lubricating nails so they pound in easier - something I well know, as pins were my all-time favorite (yes, even over snaps and aplix!) on cloth diapers - have to lubricate pins, too, in order to get them to slide thru fabric like butter.  There's even a paragraph in there about hunting morel mushrooms, one of my favorite spring activities!

The Mother Earth News online magazine is filled with informative articles - I just finished reading How to Sell at a Farmers Market as I know we'll have more garden produce than we will need.  I could easily spend days on this website . . . in fact I just subscribed to their magazine, which you can get in print, digital, or both. And I know both my mother and myself will greatly enjoy the magazines.

An enjoyable read, Mother Earth News Almanac: A Guide Through the Seasons is the type of gift I'd want to receive for Mother's Day! (And it'd make a great Father's Day gift as well!)