Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Relax this Easter with Bed Buddy

I have always been a huge fan of herbs and aromatherapy. The combination of the two, can make for great homeopathic solutions to minor ailments like sore muscles and headaches.  At Bed Buddy, you will find amazing products that will comfort and soothe with the power of nature. They have hot body wraps, eye wraps, slippers, and more that are filled with herbs and can be heated in the microwave so they can warm both your body and soul. 

Pocket Warmers 

Instead of using those disposable hand-warmers, try a more earth friendly option. These adorable warmers heat up in the microwave in seconds and stay warm for a least an hour. They are the perfect way to keep your fingers toasty and warm

Lavender Rose Comfort Wrap

This wrap is just the right size to wrap around your neck. It's a wonderful way to relieve a stiff neck or just to keep your shoulders limber if you've been sitting at a desk too long. The aroma of lavender and rose is relaxing a a wonderful reminder of spring,

Sinus Pack

This pack can be used both hot and cold. It's made with 100% natural materials and can be placed in both the microwave or the freezer.  Just place it over your eyes to relieve sinus pressure. 

Relaxation Mask

This delightful mask comes packed with lavender and mint with a natural way to relieve stuffiness. It's also great to use during a relaxing meditation to help you get in the mood.

Foot Warmers

These are just awesome.  There is nothing more annoying than cold feet. With these, that will never be and issue again. Just toss them in the microwave and slip your toes into the warmest, coziest slippers you'll ever try.  As an added bonus, the lavender and mint will leave your toes smelling sweet.

All Over Comfort Wrap

This item is a delight for all your senses. It is filled with sweet smelling herbs like Lavender and chamomile, the combination of which is a great way to relax. When you add to that the warmth when its heated up and the feel of the soft fur against your skin, its like being taken away for a spa vacation. This one is a large size so it's great for back paid or to place on your abdomen for cramps. 

Carex, the makers of Bed Buddy, offer a wide range of products that are filled with herbs that can be heated in the microwave so they can warm both your body and soul. To learn more about this fabulous company and all they offer, be sure to visit their website or follow them on social media. 

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