Sunday, March 13, 2016

Green Goo by Sierra Sage Review

Sierra Sage / Green Goo formulas are created using timeless herbal wisdom with organic ingredients to produce Food for Your Skin™.

Sierra Sage is different from other salve companies because they use organic herbs grown in their own gardens or from their local community. Through a lengthy and potent extractions their formulas are highly concentrated and rich in healing properties.

The goal of their recipes are to complement the bodies natural systems and cellular make-up.

Sierra Sage has something for everyone from Skin Care, First Aid, Farm & Ranch, Intimates, and Momma & Baby!

Everyday Travel Pack
Includes both lip balms (Citrus Zest and Cool Mint) and a 1 oz. tin of each Everyday Salve (Repair Aloe-E, Dry Skin Care, and Green Goo). Excellent for travel (meets carry on standards) or a gift.  Packaged in a reusable pack.

Our Thoughts

In our day and age everyone is worried about what they're putting in and onto their bodies. With good reason! Having numerous environmental toxins all around us and in or on our food, it's very important to find the best ingredients of healthcare and food to support our body's natural systems!

Green Goo is organic, they do their own gardens or get their items from local communities which is very important for the "health" community and for the environment!

The items that came in the kit cover a wide array of minor issues. This is a travel pack and it's small enough that you really can take it anywhere, and with the way we ladies have big purses now it fits easily inside!!

The Dry Skin is one that I've had my husband put on his elbows for a week straight and his elbows are much improved. Before they were cracked, dry, and bleeding, now there is just minor redness. I'm assuming it's eczema but there has never been a diagnosis. All I know is that the Dry Skin has worked wonders!

The First Aid is going to come in handy as spring is here and the bugs are out. Haven't had any bug bites or burns yet to test it, but I'm sure it'll be great (it definitely smells good!).

I have used Skin Repair under my eyes and it makes my eyes so soft and vibrant, not the thick puffy feeling underneath with the little sleep we parents tend to get. 

My favorite items are the Cool Mint and Citrus Zest. I am allergic to pretty much anything except straight vitamin E or coconut oil on my lips. I tentatively tested these items out and they felt great and I didn't react at all! Goes to show that chemical chapsticks and lipsticks are not good and going all natural and organic is the way to be!

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Reviewed by Jackie