Thursday, March 17, 2016

Easter Gift Guide - Project 7 Gourmet Gum

How does enjoying a slice of birthday cake or s’mores get any better? Without the calories or guilt, obviously. Project 7, the premium, cause-based confectionary brand, that offers gourmet sugar-free gum and mints offers on-point and unexpected flavors without the post-binge shame. With salivate-inducing options like Birthday Cake, Grapefruit Melon, Rainbow Ice, Front Porch Lemonade, Wedding Cake, Peppermint Vanilla, S’mores, Cookie Dough, Key Lime Pie, Coconut Lime, Red Velvet Cake, and Kettle Pop – there is a flavor for everyone.

The brand’s newest gum innovation, Build+A+Flavor, allows consumers to now play chef and create their own flavor combinations with one piece of each flavor - or more of one - for endless possibilities. Project 7’s Build+A+Flavor combinations include Cookie Dough, consisting of Cookie Dough and Vanilla Ice Cream gum, Key Lime Pie, with Cream Pie and Key Lime flavored gum pieces, and S’mores made up of toasted marshmallow and chocolate gum.

Project 7’s great tasting gum, mints, and gummies are also world changing (really!) by giving back to seven areas of need worldwide with every sale. From helping the homeless, to healing the sick, chewing gum has never tasted – or felt – this good.   

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My Thoughts
When I think of gum, I usually don't think "gourmet", but Project 7 may have just changed my whole perspective on gum. I am a pretty big gum chewer. It's been eight years since I quit smoking, but when I get a craving, I reach for my gum.  The same old minty flavors have gotten boring, so I thought I'd give Project 7 a shot and see if they could liven things up a bit. They certainly did!  The flavor combinations are simply amazing, and not only do they keep my mouth occupied so I don't want a cigarette, they taste so amazing, they handle my sugar cravings as well.

Project 7 comes in a variety of flavors that sounded outrageous at first, but all of which turned out to be a taste sensation that is hard to resist. Those flavors include: birthday cake, coconut lime, red velvet cake, kettle pop, peppermint vanilla, front porch lemonade, grapefruit melon and more. The pieces are the typical size for gum, and they are plain white, so you'll never know the surprise you're in for until you start chewing.   Each piece is packed with long lasting flavor, and you'll feel like you just indulged in a full size dessert without all the calories. 

In addition to their single packs, Project Seven just released their Build-A-Flavor varieties. These give you two flavors in one pack that you can mix and match to create even tastier concoctions. My son really loved the cookie dough. He said it tasted like there were actually pieces of cookie dough mixed in. He also informed me that this gum was "the best thing I ever got to review". Given the fact that he's an avid gamer and we often review video games, that is not a testimony to take lightly! 

Overall, this is a fun and tasty gum that is a great way to switch things up. They would also make a great treat for Easter baskets for older kids, especially teens! Check out Project 7 today and see all the yummy flavors you can choose from.