Sunday, March 13, 2016


Hasbro is a company I've known and trusted since I was a child myself.  My six-year-old daughter, Willow, is currently obsessed with Hasbro's Littlest Pet Shops. She must have over 200 pets and almost every accessory and play house available, many of which were passed down from her older sister. Their newest additions are the City Rides, and they are just tons of fun.

My daughter received the Turtle and Bunny Rickshaw which makes kids feel like they're getting to travel the world with their favorite pets. There are two different pets in the set. The Turtle is the larger of the two and the driver of the Rickshaw. He's blue with a purple shell. The bunny is the passenger and is purple with a tuft of pink fur at the top of his head. The pair may seem like unlikely friends, but they get along great in their rickshaw.  

The rickshaw has real moving wheels and little spokes that you can use to attach the pets so they won't fall out.  In addition to the large pieces, you also get a really cool little thought bubble and emoji stickers you can use to help express your pet's feelings. My daughter just loved this set. It's a great addition to her collection. Here are a few more of the City Rides pets you can choose from.

The Littlest Pet Shop City Rides collection is recommended for kids four and older and is currently available at most major toy retailers.  You can also find them online at Hasbro Toy Shop for only $7.99. If you have a little girl with a birthday coming up or you want to get a head start on Easter baskets, the Littlest Pet Shop City Rides would be a great choice.