Sunday, February 21, 2016

Take A "Voyage Diva" with duri Nail Polish

Let Duri Help You Travel The Globe Without Ever Leaving Your Home!


Duri Cosmetic’s brand new 2016 Voyage Diva Collection of nail polishes travels around the world with on-trend rich pigment hues and matching monikers to inspire transport of fingers and toes to happier, warmer, sunnier places. We have matched up two Voyage Diva shades to Pantone’s 2016 Colors of the Year for your beauty and nail stories and features.

Introducing Duri’s TRENDING IN NY the perfect match to Pantone’s Rose Quartz; a composed soft pink blush reflective of a bouquet of budding roses but delivered in a “solid as quartz” glossy smooth finish.

Duri’s WHEN IN ROME is an attributing idiom to Pantone’s Serenity and delivers a calm, airy expanse of cooling sky blue in a relaxed glossy hue.

The entire collection is 5-Free --—NO DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, or camphor and is sold at beauty specialty stores, spas and salons nationwide and at

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L-R: Rio Rager, Azure Isle, Mallorca Mauve, Tahitian Sand, Fairytale Prague, London Calling, Marrakech Magic, Aussie Gold Coast, Maui Wawie and Weekend In Dubai.

My Thoughts

I was very impressed with the duri nail polish. It dried very quickly when putting it on between coats. It was very smooth and had a nice shine to it. It didn't look dull after a few days either. I am pretty rough on my nails and this lasted a week before I started to get chipping, but I think if I were a little more gentle, I could get extended time. I'm an off again, on again, nail biter, so this did hold up to me trying to nibble a few times.

I really like the colors too. The whole line is soft yet colorful. I had a hard time trying to decide which one to use. My daughter has really enjoyed them too. She changes her nail color all the time and so far the lighter blue polish by duri has been her favorite.

The bottles are heavy duty and when they clink around in the bag, they don't feel like they will break. The brush that comes inside glided across my nails easily and didn't clump. The polish was also a great quality, not sticky like I've seen before. A really great nail polish line.