Saturday, February 27, 2016

Squix Subscription Box

Do you ever cover germ-fighting solutions or new and innovative subscription box services?  If so, check out  SQUIX ( and it’s an online one-stop shop specializing in germ-fighting products of all kinds.  It’s not just for card-carrying germaphobes, but for anyone concerned about the cleanliness of the surfaces they come in contact with every day – at home, at school, at work, on public transportation – everywhere.   There are numerous cool and innovative products from well-known brands and soon-to-be household names.  

The just-launched, easy-to-navigate webstore is organized into the following categories:  

- around the house
- out and about
- baby & kids
- pets 
- travel
- sports & fitness
- office and electronics
- planet -friendly

In addition to regular online shopping, Squix also offers the QBox – a monthly subscription service that puts a box of three curated Squix products plus a surprise gift at your doorstep for just $21.98 per month.