Thursday, February 18, 2016

Review: NatureZWay Perforated Towels and Floor Wipes

Humans are depleting the natural resources of Earth at alarming rates with deforestation, wasteful lifestyles and dumping chemical-ridden products into landfills. With Earth Day just around the corner, NatureZway ( is the green game changer that offers products made from renewable and sustainable sources that don’t break the bank.
NatureZway Perforated Towels are rayon made from bamboo that feel and perform just like cloth. One sheet can be rinsed up to 100 times (based on usage) and used repeatedly, something traditional paper towels cannot do. With over 3,000 tons of paper towels going into landfills daily, NatureZway towels reduce the number needed and, most importantly, thrown away! The Perforated Towels are available for a remarkably wallet friendly $2.99 - $3.99.

NatureZway rayon made from Bamboo Floor Wipes are both soft and strong and able to tackle the toughest jobs including lint pick up, dust, and dirt. Designed to fit most cleaning tools, these wipes can be used dry or wet and offer consumers maximum absorbency and durability making wipes safe on any household surface — tile, wood and laminate. Floor Wipes retail for $3.99 - $4.99.

The raw material to make this rayon from is from Bamboo. Bamboo is the best renewable and sustainable material on earth. Bamboo grows quickly and is plentiful, and it uses less water than trees. Plus, there’s no need for pesticides to keep it growing and it also reduces soil erosion. You can feel good knowing when you throw away NatureZway products they leave little to no harm to the earth.

Mission Statement

NatureZway™ brand provides ECO-FRIENDLY cleaning products that are produced from RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE materials. Our products must offer best value & SUPERIOR functionality. These products after disposal will leave no or minimal harm to the earth.

NatureZway is now available at select Northern California Costco locations, ,, Amazon, and at select HyVee, Select Bed Bath & Beyond retailers & County Markets.

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Our Thoughts
I like eco-friendly products as much as anyone else - we've taken major steps here over the years to recycle as much as we can and minimize our waste output. Having cloth diapered for several years, I am very familiar with bamboo fabrics and their wonderful absorbency. One of the things I still need to do is get rid of the paper towels!  I use SO many of the darn things it would be nice to eliminate that waste. NatureZway offers several different cleaning products - "paper" towels, floor wipes, sponges, and cleaning cloths as well as bath tissue, and compostable waste bags for your home and your pet cleanup. NatureZway sent me both the towels and the floor wipes to try out.

The Floor Wipes

As advertised, they do fit perfectly into my old Swiffer floor cleaner - I haven't purchased brand-name wipes since I bought the thing, preferring to use re-useable towels instead.

The floor wipes do a great job picking up dust, dirt, and lint as well as crumbs and small bits of things. Use them wet or dry - they're pretty durable!  The floor wipes aren't advertised as re-useable but at least they will biodegrade.

The Perforated Towels

This is what the perforated towels look like right off the roll - slightly larger than the average-size paper towel, and much thicker, too.  I've used them for preparing & wrapping food as well as cleanup.  They rinse nicely and do a good job cleaning my cutting board.

You can hand-wash these towels up to 100 times (depending on the jobs its used for).  I did hand rinse and re-use them several times and was pleased with their durability as well as absorbency.  I also tried washing them in the washing machine (we have a high efficiency front loader) to see what would happen to them.  Remember, we cloth diapered for several years so we don't use any fabric softeners - only cloth diaper safe detergents - and homemade ones, at that. I sent these through the dryer too, using both wool dryer balls and my pink Himalayan sea salt wool dryer discs.  The perforated towels held up great in the wash, but surprisingly, they were LESS absorbent after being washed, which is unusual for bamboo. They also came out very fuzzy, which means you don't want to re-use them for food prep or food wrapping (and yes, I tried that too!).  And since they lost some absorbency, they didn't wet-clean very well, either, just pushing the water around.  But all fuzzy-like, they DID do a great job as a dusting cloth, so I can see using them for dusting as well as using them like the (dry) floor wipes, sending them through the washer/dryer, and reusing them over and over. 

Overall, I like both of these products  mainly for dry-cleaning (dusting, floor cleaning), but still prefer my regular paper towels for kitchen use.