Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bialetti's Red Hot Pasta Pot - Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Bialetti's Pasta Pot in RED is ideal for re-enacting that famous Lady and The Tramp pasta moment with your sweetie--be it a new flame, your wife of 25 years or your favorite 5 year old. A timeless essential, Bialetti’s Pasta Pot features an innovative lock-on lid with a built-in strainer. Fill the colorful pot with a box of pasta and a jar of sauce to make it the perfect gift. The 5-qt, oval shape lends itself to making the perfect spaghetti noodles without breakage. The Pasta Pot is available in red, black, purple, and orange at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and

Our Thoughts

I hate washing strainers or colanders, so I never use one. I leave the lid on the pot to strain any and everything, and after one too many times of having my food be dumped into the sink I was kinda over it. Really excited to try this out. It's big! It can hold a typical soup I cook for my family and it's so shiny on the outside (not an eye sore) and very soft on the inside. Non-stick makes it excellent for cleaning up quickly!

As for using the post, the lid actually goes on sideways and then you slid it into normal position so the clips hook on to the side of the lid, this way you're able to use both pot handles to dump it over without the lid falling off (something I clearly need). All the holes are tiny enough that food doesn't fall out, but they are large enough that the water leaves quickly. I also like that when I set it back on the stove the food doesn't stick to the inside of the pot immediately since it's non-stick!

Typical for noodles and the likes, but I cook soups, veggies and pastas in this. It's really versatile and a must have for all kitchens!

Bialetti offers a wide array of kitchen gadgets and accessories, one of them being a beautiful terracotta set!

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Reviewed by Jackie