Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Power Energy Toothpaste with caffeine!

Power Toothpaste launched the world’s first caffeinated toothpaste on Indiegogo: http://powertoothpaste.com/campaign. After international press coverage from the likes of CBS, Daily Mail, and VICE, and 30,000 sign-ups on www.powertoothpaste.com, this first-of-its-kind oral care product is now available to the public.

Power Toothpaste is the world’s first toothpaste to contain caffeine. Unlike coffee, which takes up to an hour to fully absorb through the stomach, Power Toothpaste begins working immediately, absorbing through the gums and mouth, providing a quick boost of energy before the user is even finished brushing. And like a standard toothpaste, Power Toothpaste still leaves the teeth clean and mouth feeling fresh.

Power Toothpaste has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com. This campaign will allow Power Toothpaste to produce its toothpaste at a scale that enables the startup to offer its product to consumers nationally. Special promotional pricing is available during this Indiegogo campaign. A single tube of Power Toothpaste starts at $12 with free shipping, and there are numerous early-bird specials and significant bulk discounts available.

Power Toothpaste was founded by Dan Meropol, a millennial entrepreneur looking to insert a jolt into the multibillion-dollar oral care industry. After learning from an ADA study that only half of Americans floss daily and half of Americans only brush once per day, Dan set out to find a way to get people to take better care of their teeth. Dan spoke to a friend about the problem he was trying to solve – and his friend suggested a caffeinated toothpaste.

“Too many people aren’t taking care of their teeth, even when they know they should,” said Meropol. “At Power Toothpaste we believe a big part of this is that oral care hasn’t been exciting for decades, and the products that Big Toothpaste is offering just aren’t good enough. Our mission is to make oral care fun and exciting again, and above all else, to get people brushing.”

Feedback on early prototypes was so positive that Dan knew he had to turn Power Toothpaste into a business. After a year of development, a partnership with an FDA-compliant American toothpaste manufacturer, and a drove of press coverage, Power Toothpaste is ready for launch.

Power Toothpaste has received coverage from over one hundred media outlets as well as a number of high profile blogs.

Some of the key benefits of the product include:

REVOLUTIONARY SPEED: Power Toothpaste kicks into gear much faster than coffee, absorbing through the mouth and giving the user a boost within minutes after brushing. Power blasts away the morning fog, so users can feel good almost immediately upon waking up.

AFFORDABLE: 90 cups of coffee can cost up to $260. A single tube of Power Toothpaste contains 90 brushes, each of them comparable to a cup of coffee, for the price of $15 with free shipping. Power Toothpaste is $245 cheaper, allowing users to stay energized while saving money.

CONVENIENT: Energy drinks taste horrible in the morning, and obtaining coffee usually requires stopping at a cafe or spending 20 minutes with a coffee machine. In today’s busy world, some people require a quicker and more convenient way to get their morning fix. Power Toothpaste is a revolutionary solution to this problem.

HEALTHY: Power Toothpaste contains the same healthy ingredients as the leading brands to eliminate plaque, reduce stains, and freshen your breath. Not to mention that Power whitens your teeth, compared to coffee which stains and darkens.

About Power Toothpaste
Power Toothpaste is bringing innovation to the oral care market by changing the way people brush their teeth. Power is the world’s first caffeinated toothpaste, giving the user a rush while they brush that is faster, more convenient, and more affordable than coffee and energy drinks. 50% of Americans don’t brush twice a day; Power Toothpaste gives the brusher a boost while incentivizing proper oral hygiene.

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My Thoughts

This toothpaste did give me a kick of energy. I felt much more alert when I finished brushing and didn't feel like I needed to reach for a caffeinated beverage to help me get my wake up. The effect did last for a bit. The jolt of energy it gave me didn't make me feel like I needed to run a marathon, but instead it felt as though I'd just drank the coffee down very fast.

While I did like the energy the toothpaste gave me, I wasn't crazy about the taste. It didn't have that minty flavor I'm used to. I can't quite describe the taste, but it left a weird after taste and drinking after brushing your teeth is usually gross tasting as well. It also left my mouth with that cooling effect afterward to for quite some time.

This would be good for someone who doesn't like to enjoy a morning drink, or if you're in a hurry and need some energy. Also great for an afternoon pick you up, and can help you avoid over snacking since you've just brushed your teeth. For me, however, this wouldn't be something I used daily, mainly because of the taste. I could see using this from time to time, though.


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Is this for real or is this a joke?Rosanne rosans4@comcast.net