Friday, January 22, 2016

Have game night with Tic Stac Toe

Alix Abbamonte Public Relations Proud to Announce New Social Initiative: Spread more XOXO this Valentine’s Day with the WHO DO YOU XO? web meme.

Alix Abbamonte Public Relations is proud to announce a new social initiative: Spread more XOXO this Valentine’s Day with the WHO DO YOU XO? web meme.

WHO DO YOU XO?  is the brainchild of Robert Appelblatt and Tim Crean, who came up with the idea after updating and completely revolutionizing the old tic-tac-toe game by creating TIC STAC TOE.  This overhaul of the classic game takes that concept and expands the board to four in a row while simultaneously adding a third dimension. The result is a game that is familiar and simple, but quickly escalates into an intense match of wits.

To use the WHO DO YOU XO?  web meme you simply upload a picture of anything that you love, add some more love with X’s and O’s, include a descriptive hashtag and upload to any and all social media!  It’s a fun, free and an overall feel-good way to express more XOXO this Valentine’s Day or any day. 

WHO DO YOU XO? is a social media campaign that spreads love as well as awareness of the new revolutionary game.  With it we hope that people everywhere, from those who can’t afford to buy pricey gifts, or those who don’t quite know how else to say it, will use the social platform to let that special someone know just how special they are.

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My Thoughts

I think this is one of the first games in a long time my kids didn't fight over. I really liked that it was only 2 player, which cut down on some of the competition. It was straight forward and easy to get started and play, since most people know about XO's already. Only in this one, you're connecting 4 and not 3. As well, the pieces stack on top of one another.

We have played this many times since getting it. Usually in the evening after dinner. I really like that it's a short game and we can play several rounds. As well, when starting the game, I have a pretty good idea how long it will last, unlike something like Monopoly. My kids are 9 and 11, and they did great playing with me watching and not. It was fun plotting out ways to win when you can start stacking pieces. I found as a player you really needed to pay attention or someone would win in no time.

Everything fit back in the box without an issue and was easy to put away as well as set-up. It was well made. The X's and O's were a thick plastic and were not easy to break. My only complaint is the board is put together in 4 parts and they come apart easy when removing X's and O's, so I felt like I was putting the game board back together a good bit. Other than that, we have really enjoyed this game.