Saturday, January 30, 2016

Book Review: Who Food Energy by Elise Museles

Eating a diet filled with hidden calories, over-processed foods, unhealthy additives, and other "nasties" can derail the best laid exercise plans. But by choosing whole foods—unrefined, unprocessed, high in vitamins and low in salt, carbohydrates, and fats—you will have the energy to get through that half marathon, run farther on the treadmill, or recover from a long workout. Whole Food Energy will help you get there!

Put Food Science to Work for You

Discover 200 innovative, easy-to-make whole food recipes that are simply scrumptious—including granola balls, breakfast smoothies, and more. Organized into three sections, including Fuel, Refuel, and Recover, it features recipes that are perfect for each exercise phase and explains important basic concepts behind the food science. This fantastic reference will help readers reach the next level of their fitness goals—plus, they'll look better, feel stronger, and achieve optimal health.

About the Author:
Elise Museles Elise Museles is the voice behind the popular and insightful blog, Kale & Chocolate. She is a qualified nutritionist who counts many athletes among her clients. Elise's advice has been featured in publications such as The Daily Love, Washingtonian Well+Being, and WTOP Radio. Her recipes are part of the 10-day program in Dr. Chutkan's New York Times best-selling book, Gutbliss.


My Thoughts
This cook book was packed with some very yummy ideas. I'm always trying to find ways to improve our diet in the house and get the foods we eat cleaner. One area I struggle with is baking. This book is packed with lots of ideas for cookies and other items to satisfy your sweet tooth.

One of my favorite sections was the protein/smoothies. It seems easier to buy the processed protein powder to make a drink, but looking over the recipes in this book, I realized that with only a few extra steps to add to my blender, I could make a really delicious protein shake or smoothie that was much better for me without all the added things that go into the mixes.

On top of some delicious meal bars, shakes, and snacks, this book had the most gorgeous photos inside. It made browsing the book much more enjoyable. I liked how crisp the photos were of the different foods and being able to see the textures.

If you're looking for a cookbook with a wide range of recipes that are easy to hard to make, this is a great addiction. I have so many recipes marked to try. The shakes I did try were delicious and satisfying.