Saturday, December 5, 2015

Thinning hair? éprouvage - Anti-aging haircare

Anti-Aging Haircare Harnessing the Power of Progressive Plant Stem Cells

Macadamia Beauty, parent company of Macadamia Professional, proudly expands their brand portfolio with the launch of a new anti-aging haircare line, éprouvage. éprouvage is the first to market professional haircare brand to bring the science of progressive plant stem cells to haircare.

The éprouvage regimen stimulates the scalp to help reduce thinning hair and produce stronger, healthier hair and scalp. Products from the line are formulated with a scientifically proven system of active ingredients, including Egyptian Blue Lily for its anti-aging and skin balancing properties, French Oak Extract to neutralize free radicals and defend against environmental stressors, Vegetable, Soy, and Rice Keratins to strengthen weak, damaged hair,  and Redensyl®, which helps reduce the appearance of hair fall by up to 17%.* In an independent consumer study, 77% of women felt they had little to no hair loss, and 85% of women felt their hair was less susceptible to breakage after use of éprouvage products.**

*- Based on results of a 2014 study of 26 men for 3-months, with 85% of the men appeared to have positive results from using a serum with 3% Redensyl®. Study was performed by Induchem, the manufacturer of Redensyl®.  Results of study are not indicative of individual results, which may vary.  Redensyl® is a cosmetic ingredient and not generally recognized as a drug that is able to grow hair or prevent hair loss. The éprouvage Restorative Scalp Serum contains 3% Redensyl®.

** - Based on results of a 2015 independent study of 53 women using the éprouvage shampoo, conditioner, serum and plumping spray.

éprouvage will launch with an initial collection of nine products that can be used individually or as a system for best results. 

The Four- Step System includes:
·         éprouvage Restorative Scalp Treatment –  A potent scalp treatment formulated with Redensyl®, along with our Progressive Plant Cells: Egyptian Blue Lily Stem Cells, French Oak extracts,vegetable proteins and eucalyptus. The treatment, applied quickly to the scalp in the stylist’s chair, gently soothes the scalp to provide optimal conditions for hair to thrive.

Step2: (choose one)      
·         éprouvage Fortifying Shampoo ($15) – A restorative shampoo that nurtures stressed hair & replenishes tired strands. Hair is left stronger, healthier & more manageable. Ideal for color treated hair.
·         éprouvage Gentle Volume Shampoo ($15) – A lightweight shampoo that adds soft volume & fullness. Hair gains substance & strength leaving it healthy & full.

Step3: (choose one)      
·         éprouvage Fortifying Conditioner ($16) – This fortifying daily conditioner strengthens, hydrates & seals the hair’s cuticle. It protects hair & prevents future breakage, resulting in younger, more manageable hair.  Ideal for color treated hair.
·         éprouvage Gentle Volume Conditioner ($16) – A lightweight conditioner that provides weightless hydration for fine, thin hair. This formula adds moisture, gently detangles, nourishes & protects without weigh-down.
Step 4:
·         éprouvage Restorative Scalp Serum ($30)–  A potent scalp serum formulated with high dosage of Redensyl®, along with our Progressive Plant Cells: Egyptian Blue Lily Stem Cells, French Oak extracts & vegetable proteins. The treatment gently & actively soothes the scalp to provide optimal conditions for hair to thrive.

Additional Daily/Weekly Treatments & Stylers:
·         éprouvage Reparative Treatment Masque ($18) – This formula offers a deeply penetrating, reparative conditioning treatment that cumulatively strengthens from within.
·         éprouvage Replenishing Leave-In Conditioner ($18) – Daily conditioning spray targets weakened areas of the hair strand making them stronger & smoother. Formulated to neutralize environmental elements working against hair & scalp health.
·         éprouvage Thickening & Plumping Spray ($18)– Lightweight plumping spray provides volume & body to thin, limp strands. This formula enhances hair to look & feel fuller & more manageable.

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My Thoughts

I was sent a bottle of the scalp serum and a bottle of thickening and plumping spray for my hair to help my hair have a fuller appearance. I've been using these two products together for a few weeks. I have noticed a bit of difference when combing my hair when wet.That's usually the time I see the most hair loss, and it sometimes makes me nervous the amount of hair I can comb out. I apply the serum along the scalp when my hair is still wet. I don't notice it weighing my hair down or giving it a greasy look.

I've also used the spray a few times and it does really bounce my hair up. Giving my hair a fuller look. Something I have missed. I had some health issues a few years back that caused a lot of hair loss. Since, I've never had the full head of hair look. This product has given me that look and I enjoy seeing the extra fullness and bounce.

I was a little nervous when starting this product, how it would effect me. So far it's been positive and I'm pleased I gave it a try. If you're hair is thinning, give this stuff a shot.