Thursday, December 17, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - Shoeps Shoelace Bands

SHOEPS are a unique and convenient way to securely fasten shoes with ease and style.
They are the perfect STOCKING STUFFER for your holiday gift guides at just $10

  • Shoeps can make a fashion statement. Mix and match to represent favorite sports team, celebrate a holiday or show your school spirit.
  • Shoeps are great for athletes who don’t want to worry about the inconvenience of re-tying their shoes during a sporting activity. Activities like soccer, baseball, basketball, running and hiking can all benefit.
  • Shoeps are great for kids who can’t tie their shoes or for a parent who worries about kids tripping on laces.
  • Shoeps have been recognized by the Autism Society of San Diego to help increase independence.
Shoeps replaces traditional shoelaces with a flexible silicon shoelace band that utilizes the existing shoe eyelet holes.  The responsive bands conform to both your shoes and the motion of your feet, transforming every shoe into a convenient slip on that solves tripping over laces.
Shoeps are available in 11 colorways for $10. Each pack comes with 14 bands, enough to lace a pair of adult shoes or more than a pair of kid’s shoes.

My Thoughts 

What a great idea! After all these years someone finally invented elastic shoelaces. I ordered these for my 10 year old daughter she's always running around with her shoelaces untied ,a few weeks ago she fell and got really scraped up. While I was browsing ,shopping online I saw these Shoeps  elastic laces  I just couldn't pass them up. They arrived a few days . What fun the kids and I had just playing with them the colors are so  vibrant and bright we had a lot of fun just playing around. So first I figured I would use them on my 10-year-old shoes I put them on her sneakers they really are very simple to apply, no trouble at all .so she used them for about two weeks what a wonderful success not one trip and fall from untied laces! And since they were so simple and easy I decided to get them for my other two children I think they are an absolutely wonderful invention That can help us keep our kids safe ,sometimes they can really get hurt when they fall. They are a big hit with the kids besides the great  colors they look really cool and that's what really matters for the kids.

Recently I had done some volunteering at a local assisted living facility . While  I was there I took  notice ,occasionally there  were residents who needed help tying their shoe  laces or have their laces coming untied often, clearly this is the potential for danger if one of the elderly people had fallen and could really have broken some bones and or suffered other injuries

So after talking to the person in charge I set up an appointment to speak to the Physical Therapist And the occupational therapist. I had brought along some shoeps elastic shoe laces. The therapist was very excited to see them I had explained to them that I have been using them for my children for a couple of weeks and there had been no problem with untied shoelaces or falls. We worked out a plan and picked five select residents to see if they would benefit by these shoeps elastic laces. After a training session with the residents ,they were able to use the laces without any problems . Best of all the residents absolutely love them they love the colors they love the concept and they loved that it made them feel just a little bit safer.