Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - Sapphire Soul Sacred Celebration Box

Every month, Sapphire Soul offers a collection of magical boxes that will inspire your mind, body, and soul. The focus of the December box is Sacred Celebration, and it's all about celebrating YOU.  In the midst of the holiday rush, most of our focus is on giving to others, but there's nothing wrong with giving a little time to yourself as well. Time to reflect, time to grow, and time to honor the abundance of blessings in your life. This box gives you all the tools you need for some deep and meaningful ME time. Here is a little about each of the items in the Sacred Celebration Box.
This is pure frankincense incense and the charcoal tablets to burn them on. This will fill your home with the relaxing fragrance of the season.

Golden candles and flowers are used to celebrate the return of the light. Once the winter solstice arrives, the light will gradually return and the days will get brighter. 

This all natural lip balm is handmade at Sapphire Soul using high quality essential oils. The flavor I got to try was Coconut and Lemongrass and it definitely helps to warm your spirit and remind that summer is never far away.

The Sacred Celebration Gem Infused Oil will help set the mood in your sacred space. The aroma is pleasant and will help you focus.

This Kiran pendant is simply stunning and perfect for my Boho style. In addition to being a lovely accessory, it's also handmade by female artisans in India. 

Finally, you receive this awesome "Dive In" deck which is filled with little wisdoms to help you develop a deep and meaningful relationship with yourself.

In addition to all of these fantastic gifts that you can use to honor yourself, each Sapphire Soul box arrives beautifully packaged and includes inspirational quotes and discount codes. 
At Sapphire Soul, there are a variety of different boxes to choose from including the Mindful & Mystic Boxes. There are two different sizes that are $33 and $54 respectively, and they include a wide range of products. For those on a tighter budget, there are a few smaller packages available. You can get a Treasure Box starting at only $14.  There is also a Potions Pack, Chakra Crate, Conscious Kids Crate, and more. There is definitely something to suite every budget. It's the perfect way to try new things and maybe even bring a little magic into your life. You can also order individual items. Here are a few of my favorite gift ideas from their store. 

 To see all Sapphire Soul has to offer, to be sure visit their website or follow them via social media. 

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