Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: Power Rangers & Popples Toys

Since its premiere, Power Rangers Dino Charge has delivered more dino-fueled action and adventure than ever before, with an out-of-this-world story line and an epic new team of Rangers.My children are staying Dino Charged with tons of  cool items we received to celebrate. There are toys, clothing, toothbrushes, underwear, clothing books and more to help your kids get all charged up. And if Power Ranger aren't your things, Popples might be just what you're looking for. Check our some of my favorite stocking stuffers  below. 

Dino Charger Power Pack – Series 
Price: $7.99
Retailer: Toys “R” Us 
Available: In-store and online now  

Description: Charge Up your Dino Charge battle gear and Zords with the Power Rangers Dino Charge Dino Charger Power Pack! Included in each pack are two Dino Chargers and one Dino Zord. Attach the head and tail pieces of each Dino Zord to the Chargers to morph your Charger into a Dino Zord, or mix and match the head and tail pieces to make all new Dino creations! You can also scan each Dino Charger using the Power Rangers Dino Charge Scanner App to morph into your favorite dino and battle evil. Each charger activates features in other Dino Charge items, including the Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher, Battle Gear and items in the Zord Builder collection. Each sold separately. Collect them all! 

My Thoughts

The Dino Charger Power Pack is a fun addition our collection. It comes with two chargers that you can attach to a mini dinosaur. The really cool aspect is that the chargers work in a variety of other Power Ranger toys. We have a gun and a sword that they are compatible with. Each one unlocks new phrases. If you have more than one of the power packs, you can also mix and match the pieces to create different types of dinos. 

Power Rangers Dino Charge 2-Pack Pajamas
Price: $44.00
Retailer: Kohl’s and  
Available: In-store and online now
Description: Unleash the Power and suit up for bedtime with this boys’ Power Rangers Dino Charge pajama set.
·         4-piece set includes 2 long-sleeved tees & 2 pants
·         Crewnecks
·         Elastic waistbands
·         Fabric: 100% cotton 

 My Thoughts

My son just loved the Power Ranger PJS. They make him feel like a real superhero.  You can get two in the pack which makes they a great deal. One was red and one was blue. They design is really cool and looks like the Power Rangers costumes.  The material is soft and comfortable and they are a nice weight for the winter but could also carry over into the spring. 

Power Rangers 3 Piece Mission Kit
Price: $9.99
Retailers: Burlington Coat Factory and Beall’s
Available: November 2015

·         Illuminates 10 Feet
·         Great for night excursions
·         Uses 2 AA Batteries (not included)

·         Ideal for nature observations, sightseeing, and sporting events
·         Compact Size
35MM Camera
·         Focus Free
·         Uses 35 mm Film
·         Great for capturing memories

My thoughts

This is another really neat set of toys. There are three pieces in the set: a camera, a flashlight, and binoculars. The flashlight uses two AA Batteries and is actually really bright.  The camera is a real camera that uses actual film.  My son just uses it to pretend to take photos because film and developing is way too expensive. The binoculars were my son's favorite piece. He carries them with him every time we go out for a walk so he can get a better view.  All of the pieces have held up very well so far.

Pop Open Plush Assortment (*each sold separately)
Price: $9.99/each
Retailer: Walmart and 
Available: mid-November 2015 (online), December 2015 (in-store)

Description: Get popping with Popples! The popular pals from Popplopolis that can’t wait to pop! Each soft plush character rolls into the cutest little ball and comes popping to life. Whether its Bubbles, Sunny, Yikes, Izzy or Lulu, each Pop Open Plush Popple is bursting with pop-tastic cuteness. Collect all 5 and create your own Popplopolis community as they transform into cuddly 8” plush characters.  Get rolling and bouncing with the entire line of Pop Open Plush Popples!

Popples Pop Open Plush are made for kids 4+. No batteries required.

My Thoughts

Popples are probably one of the most adorable stuffed animals I've ever seen.  My daughter has the bunny and she absolutely loves him. They are so soft and huggable. Of course, my daughter's favorite part is how she rolls into a ball to hide when he feels shy.  This is a really well-made, high quality plush animal that you can get at an affordable price. It's a great choice for birthdays, holidays or  just because you want to see your child smile.