Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: Gameband + Minecraft

Minecraft. One word is all you need to say to kids today and they either love it or hate it. As for my tween boy, he loves it! He plays all the time and would play more if he could have it on the go. From playing it on his game console to the computer, he's been playing for the better of three years. He was so excited to get this and the total freedom the portable USB offers!

Gameband + Minecraft was created with the on the go person in mind, child or adult! Your world is saved and backed up onto their cloud server which makes this the ultimate gift for the gamer in your family! This isn't just a stylish watch, it's everything you've created in your world by simply plugging it in and it's easy!

When you first get it, you'll notice that the material it's made out of is durable and quick. Anytime, anywhere, on any computer, you'll never have to be without your gaming world again! No installations are needed to play on a different computer, simply plug and play! Gameband supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Upon plugging it in the first time you'll be asked to answer some quick questions to register your device. At the beginning and end of each session, Gameband backs up and saves any changes you've made and uploads it to their servers. 

Gameband is a 7.34 gb Memory Stick containing the Gameband hub program with links to Options, PixelFurnace and the Minecraft Launcher. PixelFurnace is an app which allows you to customize the digital display on the Gameband with messages, images and animations that you create and able to share on the PixelFurnace site.

This is the perfect gift this holiday season for anyone who enjoys Minecraft. You can find more pictures on their Instagram and be sure to follow them on Twitter for updates! Gameband is available at Target, Gamestop, Best Buy, Walmart, Microsoft Stores, Gameband.com for $79.99.