Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: Capriclear and 7th Heaven Facemasks

About Capriclear
CapriClear® Moisturizing Spray is a gentle, all-natural solution for dry, sensitive skin made from a single natural ingredient - 100% fractionated coconut oil (Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride), the purest form of coconut oil available.  Dermatologist formulated and tested, CapriClear® is hypoallergenic and fragrance free, ideal for all ages, especially those sensitive to ingredients commonly found in other products.

CapriClear® is a patented, colorless, odorless, non-staining and quick-drying spray that provides immediate soothing relief from dry, flaky, and irritated skin.  Unlike many conventional emollients, CapriClear® does not contain emulsifiers, fragrances, animal products, artificial dyes, preservatives or other additives such as sulfates, parabens or toxins that can lead to skin irritation.

CapriClear® has earned the National Eczema Association Seal of AcceptanceTM.  The NEA Seal of AcceptanceTM was awarded as part of the association's Eczema & Sensitive-Skin Education program (EASE) which maintains rigorous standards for acceptance.  Products eligible for the NEA Seal of AcceptanceTM are those that have been created or intended for use by persons with eczema or severe sensitive skin conditions and that have satisfied the NEA Seal of AcceptanceTM criteria.
Our Thoughts; 
I am a huge fan of coconut oil anything! This is perfect for on the go! My sister-in-law even used it on her dry, itchy skin, and it really helped clear it up! Wind chapped cheeks, razor burns, and more. I keep this on hand with my two year old daughter for just about everything! It stays within reach at all times. This would be the perfect stocking stuffer, or gift for any mom out there. 
You can find Capriclear on Amazon.

About 7th Heaven:
UK based skincare line that specializes in luxurious face masks that burst with premium all-natural ingredients, smell delicious, deliver immediate results and address a wide variety of skincare needs.  The company offers masks for every skin type, condition, issue or wish, from deep cleansing to super-hydration, brightening and revitalizing, exfoliating and resurfacing, calming and soothing, smoothing, oil-absorbing and acne treatment and prevention.

Our Thoughts:
The Argan Oil Mud mask was refreshing and delightful! Goes on smoothly, and as it dried it turned white. About 25-30 minutes with the mask on until it's dry, and you can rinse it off. This mask cleans the pores and balances oil levels. Perfect for a night in with the girls, or alone relaxing with a good book!
The Tea Peel-Off was unlike anything I'd ever done before. I wasn't sure at first how it was going to work, but as it dried my face tightened and while sitting with some girlfriends laughed so hard I wasn't sure if the peel would work properly! However, to my surprise, it was wonderful! Cleansing, refreshing, and I felt really cleaned and energized my skin!

All in all these are great products and make great stocking stuffers for the holiday season! You can find 7th Heaven on Amazon.