Friday, December 11, 2015

Get a back button for your iPhone with ClearTouch SmartButton from BoxWave

The ClearTouch SmartButtons is a screen protector that levels the playing field between iPhones and Android/Windows phones by adding buttons to the left and right of the iPhone's home button. You can now tap to the left to go "back" to a previous screen, or tap to the right to cancel/confirm screens.

Here’s a short YouTube video showing it in action:

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My Thoughts

I'm a big iPhone lover. I once had an android and we didn't get along well, but one thing I liked about it was the back button. Though, it's already easy to go back on an iPhone, you just press at the top of the screen. I was very curious about this and how it would work.

Putting it on my phone wasn't hard. I like the applicator they sent to be able to place it on your phone. It made putting it on super easy. Probably the easiest I've ever put on a screen protector. Once it was on, it took some getting used to, being able to use a button at the bottom.

You do have to press it firmly to work, but it did. If I pressed the small dot, my phone would go back a screen. I had my doubts, but it worked. It had taken some time to get used to using it with the habit of always using the screen, but it's fun to show friends.

If you're an android converting to an iPhone, this is the perfect screen protector.