Sunday, December 27, 2015

Book review: Timmy Teacup Transforms #childrensbook

Timmy TeaCup is a small white teacup with green spots. He lives with his mom, grandma, and great-grandma on an old piecrust table with lots of other teacups--all of them much fancier than him!

But Timmy wishes to be something different: he wants to be a hot chocolate mug--sturdy and strong and having lots of fun with the children of the house instead of the little old ladies who visit and drink tea from the teacups. One day, Timmy gets his wish; he transforms into a big, strong hot chocolate mug. He is thrilled! But as he begins to experience life as a mug, he realizes that he still feels like a thin, fragile teacup on the inside. Maybe being a hot chocolate mug isn't what he wants after all.

In this delightful children's story, a small white teacup is transformed by a wish, goes on exciting adventures, and learns to appreciate his family, his home, and - most of all - HIMSELF!

My Thoughts
This was a really cute book. I liked the message behind it. Timmy was unhappy with himself and wanted to be someone else and he got his wish. Timmy then goes on an adventure as mug. It's one of those stories that will teach a child that things aren't always better as someone else. You have to learn to love yourself to find true happiness.

I found the writing to be easy to follow and read. My daughter was able to read this and understand without any difficulties. I enjoyed the bright colors in the book that popped out. The illustrations were tailored toward a child and really added to the over all story.

A great kids book to add to your home collection.