Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sky Pony Swedish Fairy Tales Book Review

Every child loves a good fairy tale story, now you can have more than one with the Swedish Fairy Tales by Skyhorse Publishing!

These are stories filled with wicked magicians, troublesome trolls, teasing magpies, and solemn tomtar. In Swedish fairy tales, frogs become beautiful fairy girls, troll girls marry troll princes, kings transform into woodcutters, and little boys go searching for adventure in the forest. This collection of twenty-one marvelous tales includes:

The Seven Wishes

The Trolls and the Youngest Tomte
The Changelings
Leap the Elk and Little Princess Cottongrass
The Queen
And many more

These stories are clever and fun, full of adventure and magic. A world of wonder and mystery is brought to life by the spellbinding art of one of the world’s greatest illustrators of fairy tales, John Bauer. His big-nosed, good-natured trolls are sure to delight, while his heroes and heroines shine brightly, bringing hope and goodness to dark places.

Our Thoughts

Reading fairy tale stories is one of my favorite things to do as an adult, and I love that I can share that love with both of my daughters. Reading is clearly important to our learning capabilities and it's well known now that reading fairy tales are great for children's minds.

Each story takes about 15-20 minutes for my kids to get through so it works well for reading time during our homeschooling sessions. It's also cute to see my oldest sit and read the stories out loud to my youngest daughter too.

All the stories are great but The Queen is their favorite. It captivates them and they become completely lost in the story. It sparks their imagination and when they are playing I can tell that they have definitely used the Swedish Fairy Tales as inspiration for their make-believe!

There are many kid books out there and not all of them are interesting, but as a parent I feel it's my duty to do reading time with my daughter. I am so thankful I enjoy these stories as much as the children do!

The illustrations are also beautifully creepy. I say that because it has kind of a dark look to the pictures, but they aren't inappropriate for children, just very unique looking. I personally love that style a lot!!

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Reviewed by Jackie