Sunday, November 15, 2015


Another new season for the popular Kushyfoot brand and wonderful, chic looks for you to wear as you show off your legs with your fall fashion looks. Whether it be pants, skirts or dresses....casual or dressed up, our brand has it all from foot covers, to anklets, trouser socks, opaque/textured and fishnet tights to name a few.

Sleet, snow, driving rain- Mother's Nature's meanest elements aren't a match for Kushyfoot's cozy fleece-lined deigns! Stay warm and look stylish by pairing black Fleece-Lined Tights ($8.99) with a short skirt or add another layer of warmth under jeans or pants with black Fleece-Lined Trouser Socks ($5.99). For a flirty look, the trouser socks can also be paired with an oversized sweater.
Incorporating a little personality into an outfit is  easy with a pop of pattern. Bring an evening out to a whole new level of sophistication thanks to Kushyfoot's black Diamond Tights ($7.49).  With their classic design, the black Fishnet Tights ($7.49) add a dash of casual chic for weekend outings. Both fashion styles feature a specially designed sole that helps create a messaging sensation for extra comfort.
Lipstick? Check. Hairbrush? Check. Flats To Go? Check. There are a few essentials that need to be in every woman's purse and these portable ballerina shoes are certainly one of them! Featuring a specially designed sole with a messaging sensation and a built-in elastic band at the heel for a perfect fit, these ballerinas can be rolled up and kept in a handbag for those just-in-case occasions. Slip them on when tired feet need to take a little break from high heels.  The shoes are available in black or silver patent ($9.99) as well as a black alligator print ($11.99). For added convenience, they even come in their own clear plastic carrying bag.  A fleecy leopard print style is also offered. ($11.99).
Skies are getting cloudy, temperatures are getting colder and it's starting to feel like hibernation could be the only option. Luckily, Kushyfoot has chic, comfortable choices for enjoying the upcoming fall and winter months. From casual comfort to more elegant affairs, Kushyfoot's autumnal designs ensure that you keep stepping out in style.
Additional availability: Kushyfoot fall-winter styles, including ribbed tights, shaping tights, as well as opaque tights in multiple colors are available at select retailers across the United States and in the online Kushyfoot boutique at

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My Thoughts

Kushyfoot sent me several of their items to try. I was excited to try a wide range of their products. It seems they have a sock or tights for everything. 

The Kushy knee highs were comfortable and weren't tight on me like some in the past. I didn't get itchy in them as I wore them. They also have sole massaging feet which I really like.
 Their fishnet tights are a sexy choice and the fleece lined tights will keep you warm on even the coldest winter day.
 It’s prime time for tights,  so everyone should stock up on fall and winter trends at KushyFoot.  They have some fun and fashionable new styles that can spruce up your holiday wardrobe through the holidays and beyond. Overall, I really liked the products from Kushyfoot. These are a must have for any woman.