Saturday, November 28, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - The Talos Principle for PS4

The Talos Principle
A thinking gamer’s game, The Talos Principle is the exact opposite of Call of Duty or other shoot ‘em ups with ‘splosions that keep gamers on rails. For the PlayStation 4, The Talos Principle, just debuted in mid-October to critical acclaim (88 on Metacritic), takes you on a philosophical mind-bending journey where your wits are needed to solve more than 120 tricky puzzles in on a journey to uncover to truth about the forbidden tower as you explore a digital recreation of Earth’s ruins.

Just released in mid-October and rated E-10+, The Talos Principle is available now at major retailers for the PlayStation 4 for $49.99.

My Thoughts

This is a really unique game.  Instead of the violence you find in most video games, this one is filled with puzzle solving and philosophy that really makes you think.  The story centers around a journey to the forbidden tower. With over 120 puzzles, the game play time will go on and on. The graphics are also great for this type of game. 

There is a little bonus game included called Road to Gehenna that includes some expert level puzzles. These are really very tough and certainly more geared towards older players.

My son is thirteen and he really enjoyed this game. I definitely agree with the 10+ rating. Even at thirteen, the puzzles were challenging. Any younger than that and it will definitely be a little too complicated. There are also lots of fun Easter eggs throughout the game.