Saturday, November 7, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - Sapphire Soul Gem Infused Chakra Essential Oils

 Sapphire Soul are the creators of one of my favorite subscription boxes, but that is only the beginning of the mindful and mystical products they offer. I always have trouble finding gifts for my new age friends, but at Sapphire Soul, there are dozens of unique and affordable gifts that will fuel your mind, body, and soul.

One of the products I was lucky enough to try out are the Gem Infused Chakra Essential Oils. If you aren't familiar with chakras, there are the seven energy points on the body. Each one is represented by a specific color and each one contributes to a different aspect of your personality and your health. For example, your root chakra is located at the base of your spine. It represents your survival instincts. If you are worried about your finances, your root chakra could be out of alignment, which could lead to health issues such as back trouble. 

The Gem Infused Chakra Essential Oils are designed to help heal and align all of your chakras. There is a different blend for each chakra. Each blend is created with natural essential oils and healing stones that will attune to the chakra it's named for. In addition, each oil comes with a powerful mantra inscribed on the bottle to help you get into a meditative frame of mind.

Root Chakra - Red - I Belong
Sacral Chakra - Orange - I Feel
Solor Plexus Charkra - I Can
Heart Charka - Green  - I Love
Throat Chakra - Blue - I Speak
Third Eye Chakra - Violet - I See
Crown Chakra - Indigo - I Am

My friend Darlene and I got together for a little chakra cleansing, and these oils really helped to boost our energy levels. We often do guided meditations with drumming that focus on clearing our charkas, but this time we chanted the mantras and anointed our chakra points with the oils as we went down the line. Each of the oils left my skin tingling with energy, and the aromatherapy in the oils also added to the intensity of the ritual.  The addition of these oils made this one of the most powerful chakra healings I have every done.  I felt renewed and invigorated.  Now, anytime I feel that one of my charkas might be blocked, I just dab on a little of oil, recite the mantra, and instantly I feel better.  I've also been getting back into Reiki now that my children are older, and I plan to make these oils a mandatory part of every session.

I love the Gem Infused Chakra Essential Oils and all the wonderful products I have received from Sapphire Soul since I discovered them. Every one is infused with beautiful, pure energy that will help anyone achieve mindfulness and spirituality.  Of course, the oils are only one example of the beautiful gifts you can find at Sapphire Soul. Here are a few other items on my wish list.  

    • At Sapphire Soul, you can also find a variety of different new age themed subscription boxes to choose from including the Mindful & Mystic Boxes. There are two different sizes that are $33 and $54 respectively, and they include a wide range of products. For those on a tighter budget, there are a few smaller packages available. You can get a Treasure Box starting at only $14.  There is also a Potions Pack, Chakra Crate, Conscious Kids Crate, and more. There is definitely something to suite every budget. It's the perfect way to try new things and maybe even bring a little magic into your life. You can also order individual items. To see all they have to offer, to be sure visit their website or follow them via social media.

      Discount Codes

      • MALAME - Free gemstone mala bracelet with any original or large box purchase through 12/31/15.
      • 2016SHINE: Save 10% off any 6- or 12-month subscription for any box option! The code expires 12/31/2015.
      • Valid Black Friday ONLY, use code: GOLD for a FREE gold #girlgang abundance bracelet or necklace (made with pyrite + citrine!) with any Large box purchase.
      • Valid Cyber Monday ONLY, use code: SAPPHIREMONDAY for FREE shipping AND a FREE signature chakra blend with any Original or Large box purchase. AND CHAKRASALE for 40% off our set of 7 signature Sapphire Soul gem-infused chakra blends! (purchase these in the Sapphire Soul shop, this isn’t a subscription product)

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      Jessica Menster said...

      These look like cool product! So nice that you and your friend can enjoy them together!

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      I would love to purchase Gem Infused Chakra Essential Oils. I am learning about essential oils and enjoy using them. These look so wonderful.
      twinkle at optonline dot net

      Jerry Marquardt said...

      I have heard a lot of good things about essential oils. I am going to try it out.