Sunday, November 15, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - Nut-Free Holiday Treats from Eleni's

What do 15 million Americas have? What costs $25 billion every year? What sends someone to the ER every three minutes? FOOD ALLERGIES.


In fact, there's a good chance you personally know somebody impacted by either a quality of life food allergy or worse... a life threatening food allergy. With the upcoming holiday season...whether they are a kid or kid-at-heart...there will be even more exposure to unsafe food and a higher chance of unhappiness due to the anxiety and stress of coming into contact with nut processed sweets.

And THAT'S exactly why Eleni Gianopulos decided to bring Eleni's New York completelynut-free.
Eleni is always interviewed about her successful global cookie empire based in NYC but this is a fun reminder that behind our fun and unique Conversation Cookies, there is a serious mission and goal--to keep our customers not just happy and satisfied but also 'food safe' when it comes to their tasty treats especially around the holiday season.

My Thoughts

My children  got to sample a box of the Color Me Turkey Gift Set and they were both cute and tasty. These adorable cookies taste just as good they look. There are a variety of cookies in different sizes inside the box, each shaped like a turkey and the set comes with a variety of markers made from food coloring.  Each one is very detailed and realistic looking. Of course, the really fun part was getting the chance to color in their cookies. All my children, from four to fifteen had fun coloring their cookies before they ate them.

 These adorable treats are a mouth-watering sugar cookie with a tasty icing topping. They arrive at your door fresh and delicious every time.  This is a truly unique snack that will make any child smile when they open their lunch box. They're also a great choice for a gift for their favorite teacher. Because they are nut free, you can even hand them out to all the kids in their class without worrying about nut allergies.   Of course, these are only one example of the fun cookies at Eleni's. They have adorable designs for every occasion. You can even request custom designs or make personalized shower favors. The possibilities are endless.

 If you'd like to learn more about Eleni's and all their custom creations, be sure to visit their website or follow them via their social media. 

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