Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - Natural Twig Colored Pencil Set

Many little ones spend countless hours coloring, drawing and creating. It may seem that they have every art supply known to children. However with many art supplies brings many messes, from markers left without the cap on in the car to melted crayons stuck in between the car seat art on the go can become a big no no. Education Outdoors has the solution to the art work mess, the Natural Twig Colored Pencil Set is a great addition to your little artist’s designs. The pencils make coloring fun and are a rustic, eco-friendly set of natural twig colored pencils. The pencils are handcrafted out of real recycled wood that makes each pencil unique as they vary by nature. Not only will your little ones have a new mess-less addition to their collection but they will also have a unique and earth friendly tool.

My Thoughts 

 These are a very fun and unique item that are sure to make any child feel special. They might look too pretty to use, but they actually work great. They are nice and thick so they will be easy for little hands to grip.  They come in sets of eight, and are bound in twine.  Colors include Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Brown, and Black. But the really cool thing is that the crayons are made from real recycled wood. They would just be destroyed, but instead they are finding their way into a child's art box.

To sure to check out the Natural Twig Pencils and all the cool products at Education Outdoors!

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