Thursday, November 5, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - Lil' Woodzeez

If you want to take your children on a magical adventure, visit Honeysuckle Hollow, the adorable world of the Lil' Woodzeez. The Lil' Woodzeez are a group of forest animals who work together to care for their environment. There are several lovable families to choose form including the Hoppingood Rabbit Family, Whooswho Owl Family, Waterwagle Beaver Family, Diggadilly Racoon Family, and many more. Each of these happy families come with a mom, a dad, and two children.

My daughter was thrilled to have a chance to check out the Woodzeez. She picked out the Hoppingood Rabbit Family.  There are four members of the rabbit family including father Elliot, mother Amelia, and the children Star and Theo. Each one has an adorable little outfit. The dad is wearing suspenders, the females both have a pretty dress, and the baby is in a diaper. They all have adjustable legs and arms. One of the really unique features is that the parents can actually hold the baby in their arms and still stay standing if they are on a flat surface.  They also have a soft layer of fur.

In addition to the characters, each family also comes with a little book. The Hoppingood's book is titled, "Hoppin' Healthy Harvesters". The story is all about Star and Theo picking berries and eating them all before they got them home!  The stories are the perfect way to learn about the personalities of your Lil' Woodzeez, which makes playing with them even more fun.

The Lil' Woodzeez also have several houses and play sets that really bring them to life. My daughter fell in love with the Happy Camper and it was easy to see why. It comes with so many pieces and they are all so detailed. Let's start with the camper itself.  There are real gingham curtains on the windows, and a spare tire on the side. It also has a full kitchen. These are authentic pieces, and not stickers like you'll find in most toy play sets. 

Included with the camper are dozens of accessories. There are lots pieces of furniture including a table & chairs set, and sofas and chairs with real cushions that convert into beds. There is also tons of food, like apples, milk, and canned food. There are forty pieces in all, and each one is detailed and realistic. 

We have no complaints when it comes to the Lil' Woodzeez. The toys are well-made, extremely detailed, and best of all, they encourage imaginative play in children on all ages. So many of the playsets today are cheap and shoddy.  Lil' Woodzeez maintains the type of quality I wish all companies would provide. These are the kind of toys I'll want to save for my grandchildren. They are timeless and it's clear that real time and effort was put into their creation. If you'd like to learn more about Lil' Woodzeez and all the products they offer.