Sunday, November 29, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - Give Them Their DNA This Holiday Season

Your loved one can uncover their ethnic mix by going back multiple generations, discover close or distant relatives from our over 1 million other users, and find new details about their family history, all with a simple saliva sample.  It is a gift that offers continuous experiences for years. This small box will bring you family history going back centuries.

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My Thoughts 

AncestryDNA is such an amazing opportunity to learn about your heritage.  My father was adopted and has been unable to locate any information on this biological parents. I know I'm Italian on my mother's side, but his side is a huge black hole. Am I German? Irish? Based on coloring I assume we're some form of European, but it would be amazing to find out for sure, and AncestryDNA is giving me a chance to do just that.

I got to test out AncestryDNA and it was way easier than I expected. They sent me a little packet with a tube. You fill it with saliva to the indicted line and send it back in the pre-addressed box. A few days after I sent it in, I got a reply that my DNA was being processed. It does take several weeks to get the results, but while I wait, I've been exploring the website. When my results come back, not only will  it give me an idea of where my ancestors derive from, it can also match me up with other online users who I may be related to! I'm really excited to get my results.   

All in all, even though I haven't gotten my final results yet, I am very impressed with The system was fun and easy to use, and I'm sure I'll learn a few things about my family that I didn't know before. There's also plenty to explore at  It's exciting to have so much information at your finger tips and to be able to see things like your grandparents marriage license or the signature from when your great-parents arrived on Ellis Island. I definitely plan on searching for more in the months to come. Like they always say in their commercials, you don't need to know what you're looking for. You just need to start looking.