Saturday, November 21, 2015

Enjoy Kobrand Wines this holiday season

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My Thoughts

I have tasted several of these wines so far and have been pleased with each one. The Sparkling Sweet Moscato was really good. Probably my favorite! I've never liked sparking or carbonated drinks, but I really liked this wine. It was sweet and the bubblyness added to the taste. 

I also tried the Sequoia Grove Cabernet. I'm not always a fan of red. I don't like the dryness to them, but this one was good. I was surprised by how much I liked it. I preferred this one chilled with a little but of ice in it. It smelled really good. I couldn't get over that as I sipped it.

The last one I tried (so far) was the Capasado Moscato. This was as good as I was expecting. Moscato is usually a wine I get nervous about buying. I've picked up some brands and couldn't stand the taste, but this one was very flavorful and sweet. It's one I would pick up again when having guests to share with them.

I'm looking forward to trying the tines I didn't get a chance to yet. I have no doubt that they will be as good as the ones I have tried so far. This is a company I will be keeping my eye on and checking out other wines they have in the future.