Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Hamsa Box from Sapphire Soul - #Discount Code

Sapphire Soul is one of my absolute favorite subscription boxes because every box is filled with spiritual and mindful products that help you live each day to the fullest. This month the theme of the box was "Hamsa Magic".   The Hamsa is an ancient protective symbol believed to protect the bearer from  harm or the evil eye.  Hamsa means five in Arabic and is symbolized by the five digits of the hand. It also bears an eye in the center. I have often turned to this powerful symbol in my own spiritual practice, so I was very excited to see what this box had to offer.

 Everything inside the Hamsa Box has a general theme of protection, which is always important, but especially this time of year when the veil between worlds is thin.  Here is a little about each of the magical products in the October box.

Crystal Bar Soap  - This unique bar soap is handmade, cruelty free, and has an actual gemstone in the center. When you bath with this soap, you are not only cleansing your body, but refreshing your spirit with the power of the stones within it. This one includes a snowflake obsidian which will help you recognize  and change the unhealthy patterns in your life.

Hamsa Votive Holder -Burning your favorite candle in this beautiful holder will add an extra layer of protection to your work. The box includes instructions on how to bless and charge your candle, as well as a little chant for protection.

Protection Essential Oil Blend - I just love this. While sage is always my first choice when it comes to spiritual cleansing, I can't always use it. My daughter is getting over the croup right now, so I can't get the house all smoky. This is the perfect alternative. The light fragrance is uplifting and cleansing, but it won't bother the other members of my household.

Temporary Tattoo - These are so awesome. I do not have the nerve to get a real tattoo, but now I can enjoy a temporary one just like my kids do. Of course, these are a lot classier than the cartoon characters that my kids like, but they work the same way. Simply apply by pressing them against your skin with a damp cloth. They last for several days and really look authentic.  There is also always a little card inside the box that is selected at random to send you a personal message, sort of a like a one card tarot draw.

Malachite & Hematite Stones - Malachite is a great stone for anyone suffering from depression or who might be going through a rough time emotionally. It lifts the spirits and promotes a sense of peace. Hematite is especially good for grounding, but also works to help improve blood flow and increase intuition.

Hamsa Bracelet -This is as stunning to look at as it is powerful. The bracelet is made using natural gemstones with a silver-tone Hamsa pendant in the center.

Snuffer - Last but certainly not least, this lovely snuffer has a wooden handle. The Hamsa symbol is painted onto the bell and dangling from the end. When doing spiritual work, you should always use a snuffer to extinguish the flames, and this one gives you a little added protection.

All of these items also come with detailed instructions to create your own sacred protection ritual as well as an outline that explains the chakras, a Hamsa coloring page, and more. Everything is always explained very well. All the jewelry and stones come with little cards that tell you their magical properties, making this a great box for newbies or those who have been practicing for years.

At Sapphire Soul, there are a variety of different boxes to choose from including the Mindful & Mystic Boxes. There are two different sizes that are $33 and $54 respectively, and they include a wide range of products. For those on a tighter budget, there are a few smaller packages available. You can get a Treasure Box starting at only $14.  There is also a Potions Pack, Chakra Crate, Conscious Kids Crate, and more. There is definitely something to suite every budget. It's the perfect way to try new things and maybe even bring a little magic into your life. You can also order individual items. To see all they have to offer, to be sure visit their website or follow them via social media.

Discount Codes

  • FALL2015: Receive a FREE gemstone bullet necklace with any Original or Large Mindful + Mystic box (Retail $33). The code expires 10/25/15.
  • 2016SHINE: Save 10% off any 6- or 12-month subscription for any box option! The code expires 10/25/2015.
  • PINKSHAKTI: Receive FREE shipping on our special edition Pink Shakti Warrior Breast Cancer Box. Items in this box are created and customized specifically to show support for the fight against breast cancer, and to help lift up and inspire women who are currently going through breast cancer treatment or have won the fight. A portion of the proceeds from this box will be used to create additional boxes to give to women who are going through treatment and breast cancer charities. Click here for more info.

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Sara Schwab said...

Theses sapphire are real pretty

Shannon said...

What lovely items, I love the temporary tattoo as well. The bracelet is cute.

Jerry Marquardt said...

This is a nice goodies box. It includes a very nice piece of jewelry.

slehan said...

Some beautiful and useful things in your box.

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