Saturday, October 10, 2015

Review: Justin's snacks

Since switching to organics, there are a lot of things I have cut out of the diet. This includes candy. That's why it was great to get the chance to review some products from the Justin's line. I tried both their peanut butter cup two packs and the mini cups that come in a bag, both white and milk chocolate. 

The taste of both was rich, and the texture was good. Plus, I liked that I could feel good about the ingredients that were in them. I'd have to say the milk chocolate was my favorite, although the other was good as well. The taste was such that I didn't feel overwhelmed by the sweetness, but also found it satisfying. 

If you're looking for something for an occasional treat, but don't want to stare down a long list of chemical ingredients, I'd suggest giving these a try.


Maria A. Crosbie said...

hi justin's snacks would be perfect for my cousin kathleen and her kids they eat organic foods because they're allergic to gluten foods.