Sunday, October 25, 2015

Kids Bop 30 - Today's Biggest Hits Sung By Kids For Kids

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My Thoughts

What a great bunch of songs kids love and they are clean. Most of the songs I knew from listening to the popular hit radio stations. With this CD, I could hand it over to my kids and let them listen to their favorite songs and not have to worry about the bad words or content sometimes found on the radio.

The kids who sung these songs impressed me. Their voices matched up well to the original singers. And if I didn't know it was a Kidz Bop CD, many of the songs I wouldn't have known weren't the original.

Most important, what did the kids think of it? They liked it. They didn't have to wait for their favorite song to be played. Instead, they could just go to it on the CD, put it on repeat and listen to it 20 times in a row if they desired.

A big thumbs up to another great Kidz Bop CD.