Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: Laser Pegs - The Ultimate Construction Toys For Kids

Built for the Holidays, Laser Pegs® Is a Delight for the Senses:
New Colors and Sound Activation Bring Brick Toys to Life

Laser Pegs, the Original Lighted Construction Set®, is gearing up early for the holiday season with five all new sets. Each set was developed so the user can build multiple creations; these five new models alone can make up to 60 different sound activated colorful models.

With a kit for everyone on your holiday list from ages 5-99, the variety of these new models will keep children and adults alike entertained for hours while utilizing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills and educational fun.

New features in the holiday introductions include the following advancements to engage the senses. These features were added to some existing sets as well. 

Tinted Brick Colors: New kits containing the new “Tinted Brick Colors” will enjoy a variety of shades to build and play with. The new tinted brick colors are shaded to reflect the same colors that Laser Pegs already creates with LED lights, but now colors are even brighter, with or without the LED lights activated, giving builders even more options to tap the imagination.

Sound Activated Illumination: Kits with Sound Activated Illumination use LEDs that strobe to the beat of music, voices, clapping, etc. Imagine the light show you’ll get while singing carols around the tree! 

Among the new models for the holidays are:

·       6 in 1 Monster Truck - $21.99 Includes 1 Laser Peg, A Zippy Do Power Base, 66 Tinted Construction Bricks, Instruction Manual
·       4 in 1 Helicopter - $ 16.99 Includes 2 Laser Pegs, 45 Construction Bricks, Mobile Power Base, Instruction Manual
·       8 in 1 Helicopter - $ 26.99 Includes 10 Laser Pegs, 78 Construction Bricks, Triangle Power Base, Peg Cord, Instruction Manual
·       16 in 1 Space Fighter - $ 41.99 Includes 20 Laser Pegs, 82 Construction Bricks, Triangle Power Base, Peg Cord, Instruction Manual
·       24 in 1 National Geographic Dinosaurs - $ 59.99 Includes 27 Laser Pegs, 191 Construction Bricks, Triangle Power Base, Instruction Manual

“From our research, we know that kids love tinted color bricks,” explains Jon Capriola, Lead Designer and Founder of Laser Pegs. “So we’ve updated all the 2015 kits to accommodate tinted bricks, just in time for the holidays.”

All Laser Pegs sets are compatible other 32mm grid pattern construction kits. Find Laser Pegs online at,,,, Select Barnes and Noble Stores, Learning Express, Shopko, Independent Toy Specialty Retailers, and other retailers near you.

About Laser Pegs 
Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, Laser Pegs® is the Original Lighted Construction Set®. Encouraging forward-thinking multi-dimensional play, Laser Pegs products combine two things nearly every kid loves: light and building things.  

Year after year, Laser Pegs has been recognized as an award-winning toy (50 in all!) because of its “Slide, Stack & Spin” play pattern, by esteemed organizations like Dr. Toy, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Parenting magazine, and Good Housekeeping magazine. Its merits in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) learning have been well documented as well, making it one of the bestselling toys in its network of retailers. 

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My Thoughts

This was a fun set of Laser Pegs. I really liked that we had the ability to build more than one item. My daughter choice to construct the truck. I left her alone to see how well she was able to build the truck on her own while following the instructions. She didn't have any issues. The only thing she complained about was sometimes the pieces didn't connect easily, and I stepped in to help. I found them easy to connect.

After this was built, I liked that you could turn it on to either stay on as a light or you could have it flash on and off. It made night time play fun for her dolls as they got to ride around in the brightened truck.

She has had it put together for quite some time and it's held up. Every now and then a piece on the bottom will fall off from play, but we just pop it back on and she's back at playing with it.

My daughter really liked the Laser Pegs and as a mother, I really liked them as well.