Saturday, October 24, 2015

Color Me Clean with Kandoo BrightFoam

Watch your child’s hands sometime. They go everywhere. Touch everything. It’s part of how kids experience the world and learn. It’s also how they pick up a world of germs. That’s why good hand washing habits learned early are important for keeping your child healthy for a lifetime.

Kandoo® Moisturizing Hand Soap foams in brilliant colors – BrightFoam® purple or green – to show kids when every nook and cranny of their tiny hands are sudsy and clean. Scrubbing away germs has never been so fun. Or smelled so good. Sweet scents like Funny Berry and Magic Melon fill the air and become a treasured part of the washing experience in these all-too-fast growing up years.

Moms and dads prefer foaming soaps for their kids because they don’t drip or leave trails in the sink. Plus, they’re more economical – Kandoo soaps produce over 200 pumps per bottle. The foam is made of soap and air – meaning less waste and so many more pumps per ounce.

The large pump top foamer makes it simple for little hands to push and get just the right amount per washing. While the wide base provides a sturdy kid-tested foundation – so the bottle doesn’t fall over, off the counter, or into the sink. This way “doing it myself” is less likely to become “doing a disaster.”

Vitamin E and natural fruit extracts in Kandoo Hand Soap leave hands soft and happily scented. Do a simple “sniff test.” And ensure your child’s hands are freshly cleaned when they’re sitting at the dinner table. Kandoo Hand Soap is hypoallergenic and contains no harsh chemicals – featuring a cleansing formula that is gentle on young hands and is dermatologist tested. Germs are one less worry when you keep Kandoo near at hand.

Kandoo Moisturizing Hand Soap is sold at Walmart and many other grocery, drug, and mass retailers as well as online. You can find it in an 8.4 fl. oz. bottle for $2.97. More information can be found at

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My Thoughts 

 With the foaming hand soaps from Kandoo, washing your hands can be a fun experience.  Like all their soaps, the gentle formula leaves your hands feeling soft. It never dries out your skin, even if you have to wash them a dozen times a day.   The Magic Melon scent is vibrant and refreshing.  My kids love the bright green color of the soap. It encourages them to wash their hands. They are an all around amazing products. It's the best way out that to kill the winter flu germs and keep your family healthy.

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