Saturday, October 17, 2015

A New Twist on Halloween with Non-Candy Treats

Halloween is only a few short weeks away and to help you think of some different treats to offer trick-or-treaters this year, here is  a round-up of some of our favorite drool-worthy delights. Below are a few options to consider as an alternative that will keep the ghosts and goblins coming back for more:

 My family couldn't get enough of these mini croissants. We tried two flavors: chocolate and vanilla custard, and they were both delicious. There are several in each bag that are ready to eat. There is no microwaving or heating. Just open the bag and enjoy. Every bite is fresh and delicious. These are definitely a tasty treat that are a great substitute for candy this Halloween.

Viki's Granola is  loaded with healthy ingredients like real fruit, maple, and nuts. They are loaded with flavor and come in varieties that will appeal to people of all ages.  My kids loved the sweet flavors including maple cranberry. They gobbled it right up. I love that's it's gluten free and a wholesome choice that I can feel good about serving to them. It's also a great addition to yogurt, smoothies, or oatmeal. Or just eat it by the handful! It's really that good. 

 Who doesn't love olives? I know they are one of my favorites. I could eat a whole can of them in one sitting, and I think I did when I was pregnant. My children love them too and they are on the side of almost every meal in our house. Now with Gaea Olive Snack Bags, you can take tyour olives pretty much anywhere. You can even hand them out on Halloween

Look for these tasty treats in stores near you. For a list of retailers in your area, be sure to visit their websites.