Monday, September 7, 2015

Treat Your Daughter Like a Princess with Costume Express

It might be a little early for Halloween, but  Costume Express has beautiful costumes you can use all year long! They aren't just for Halloween, especially not an adorable Disney Princess costumes. These dresses this can be used to play dress up all year long, or can make a great addition to any birthday party.  Treat your daughter like the princess she is anytime at all, thanks to Costume Express.  Their selection inspires both adults and children who are kids at heart.

My daughter's birthday is coming up and we're planning a Cinderella themed party, so for us, it was the perfect time to get a new costume. She decided she wanted to go with Cinderella. Ever since the dress arrived, she's been running around the house singing at the top of her lungs. When Cinderella is involved, it's easy to make her happy, but I'm not as easy to impress. However, the quality of this dress has me floored.

The Disney Cinderella Movie Costume for Kids has lots of detail and looks just like the dress from the live action movie.  The back of the dress attaches with Velcro. The material is heavy enough to wear on its own, but it would also slide on easily over light weight clothing. There is no part of this costume that is see through like so many other costumes I've bought  in the past.The material is shimmery and there are pretty flowers sewed along the collar. It's very well made and a great choice for Halloween or every day dress up.

In addition to kid's costumes, Costume Express has tons of styles for people of all ages.  All of their costumes are available at prices much lower than the average retail store. Right now, they are having a great sale. You can even save 15% off of all orders over $60! To learn more about  Costume Express and all they have to offer, make sure to visit their website. You can also follow them on their social media or subscribe to their newsletter. Make your little princsess happy with her own Cinderella costume today.

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