Friday, September 18, 2015

The Moodsters Meter Review

Award-winning child development and parenting expert Denise Daniels has created The Moodsters, a new line of toys and books designed to help develop emotional intelligence (EQ) skills in young children. The Moodsters, featuring five lovable characters, each depicting a different emotion teaches simple strategies to build emotional intelligence skills.

This groundbreaking property is based on the curriculum taught at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

Young children often don’t have the verbal skills to put their feelings into words. The Moodster Meter puts those tools in the child’s hands—literally! This interactive teaching toy gives children a basic vocabulary of feelings and helps them express themselves. The Meter has a special Power Up button enabling children to point the arrow to the Moodster that represents what they are feeling, opening doors for calm communication about emotions. Includes a full-color, 32 page storybook, “Meet the Moodsters”. Ages 3+

Our Thoughts

Children can often have a difficult time expressing themselves, especially when they're in their toddler years and just coming out of toddlerhood as well. The Moodster Meter is a fun, interactive way to teach children how to express themselves in a healthy manner. Many children feel intimidated by feelings they don't understand, but with the meter they have a fun outlet to express themselves.

I enjoyed reading the book with my six year old, as she often has times where she is so frustrated that she doesn't know how to explain exactly what she is feeling. With the options of: Happy, Angry, Afraid, Loving, and Sad, she has a wide array to choose from when she's in a mood to not talk to me. It gives us both time to step back and assess whatever situation has caused the frustration and it makes her open to communicating with me when she's able to show me how she feels first and then speak. 

With the help of the book, she's found ways to use the lessons taught to her to express herself in creative ways that makes her voice feel heard and to better understand herself as well. This is a great book for classrooms and for your children. I love the Moodsters Meter and my daughter does too!

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Reviewed by Jackie


Janet W. said...

This would be great for my grandsons! They would enjoy this book!

VickeC said...

how cute,my grandkids would love this

alissa apel said...

I'll have to share this with my sister. I have a nephew that's the right age for this!