Thursday, September 10, 2015

Squeasy Gear - Easy Feeding On The Go

It all started back in 2011 when the disposable food pouches were really becoming popular. They were really convenient but they cost so much money and so much plastic was being thrown away. There there had to be a good reusable container to buy to serve  favorite smoothies and purees to children. To their amazement, they couldn't find anything. Today you can find several different products that try to meet the demand parents have for a good reusable feeding pouch (most of which are made out of all plastic, are hard to fill, leak, or just don't work well). Though it was discouraging to see new products pop up while  still perfecting the "Squeasy Snacker", none of them met all the requirements  parents, like them, wanted for their kids. They took a risk as parent entrepreneurs and poured their entire heart and soul into the idea. Squeasy Gear hopes your family enjoys them as much as we do.
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My Thoughts

This pouch snacker is pretty neat. It has a big opening, which made it easy to fill. Cleaning wasn't hard either, as it's reversible so a parent can make sure they get it thoroughly clean before using it again. It is also eco-friendly and is made with a bacteria resistant silicone.

The pouch was easy for my kids to use. They were able to squeeze and get the added food easily. I tested it by shaking it around after filled and it didn't spill out. There is a top to go over it as well for an added layer of protection. The packaging states you can put it in the freezer, so this would be good for the summer time, maybe with younger kids who want some ice cream but aren't good with a spoon yet.

The squeasy gear products come in a variety of sizes, so even with your kids get older, they still have safe products you can feel good about buying your child.

The silicon was very soft in my hand. The side is marked in ounces so you can adjust to how much you want to put in. I was very impressed with this product and the time that was put into designing it.